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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


The nation said goodbye to Coretta Scott king today in Georgia as a crowd of more than ten thousand attended her funeral to pay tribute to this partner in the civil rights movement. Three former Presidents and President Bush were in attendance. The President, his father and Bill Clinton took the opportunity to praise her and her husband, the Reverend Martin Luther King's life and accomplishments as was approriate for these two who paved a path that was necessary to correct a wrong that plagued our nation since its birth. As was mentioned during the tributes much has been accomplished and there is still work to do. There were two in particular that disgraced this time of remembrance and tribute by using the opportunity to make political statements against the President. They were Joseph Lowery who marched with the King's in the 60's and former President Jimmy Carter. There is a time and a place for politics which is a predominate part of the American landscape but a funeral and remembrance service for a beloved American is NOT that place. Lowery took the opportunity to blast the President about WMD's in Iraq and to accuse Bush of being a, "weapons of misdirection right down here, " while pointing at the president. Carter referred to the racial issue that plagued the Hurricane Katrina disaster by referring to the color of, "most of the faces in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama." He then tried to make a dig at the terrorist surveillance program by referring to the wire tapping of the King's by Bobby Kennedy during the JFK administration. Of course there was no reference by Carter as to what administration bugged the King's just the inference of the NSA program that has dominated the news recently. I listened to much of the talk radio programs this afternoon and many Democrats called in to the conservative programs such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity expressing their embarrassment over Lowery's and Carter's statements. This was a disgrace to their party and a disgrace to the reason that they were asked to speak. I believe that Mrs. King would have been disappointed has this happened in any memorial service that she attended during her life. The hatred for the President and the lefts using that hatred to promote the agenda of political destruction took on a sadder face with this disgraceful performance of Joseph Lowery and Jimmy Carter.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous rob said...

Yeah, too bad Bush could not have hand-picked his audience like he normally does. I am curious - did you actually watch the ceremony or did you just hear what Rush and Hannity had to say about it? If you did watch it, what do you make of the audience reactions to Lowery and Carter?

10:35 PM, February 07, 2006  
Blogger Poldark Maximus said...

At five + hours it was difficult to watch, but the segments in question reflect an audience whose political bias is well established. You couldn't get more hand-picked than that. Reminded Poldark Maximus of an Irish wake. Full of raw sentiment, remoarse, a feeling that life is fleeting no matter how much you hate and fight to change it. Funerals and wakes are no place for politics -- they just don't mix well. PM

7:57 AM, February 08, 2006  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Rob, I did not watch the whole servide because it took place while I was working. I did see portions of it as I worked and later on the news. My reference to Rush and Hannity was specifically talking about a large number of Democrats who called in to express their embarssment and the same thimg happened on todays programs. As far as the 2 minute ovation if Lowery or Carter had said the same thing to a right partisan crowd they would have recieved a 2 minute or more boo, hiss. Bush was their to pay tribute to an American who rightfully deserved the tribute and her or anyone elses funeral IS NOT the place for politics. Every President speeks most often to partisan audiences so your point about his hand picked audience is moot. You used this post to do exactely the same thing as Lowery and Carter. Taking a funeral tribute to bash Bush. My whole point was that regardless of political stand it did not belong at King's funeral. The President showed class when he hugged Lowery after being insulted by him in public!


5:54 PM, February 08, 2006  
Anonymous rob said...

I had no problem with the ceremony - I thought it was a moving tribute from start to finish. (I had it on while I was working from home.) Like it or not, the Kings were political figures who advocated for peace, freedom, and social justice. Frankly, I think there is no issue and it is just a bunch of Republicans trying to make a fuss. Many of the people criticizing the funeral did not watch it and probably know little about Mrs. King's life.

9:14 AM, February 09, 2006  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

I watched part of the service which was repeated on C-Span after I got off work. I missed some, and caught the Kennedy part, The Rev., I forgot his name who made the comments about WMD's and the Carter statements then turned it because it made me sick. What I found amusing was everyone jumped up and applauded Ted Kennedy when he was giving his speech when it was his brother Bobby who gave the authority to wiretap the Kings! Something Carter had made reference to. I wonder where some of these people's heads are at sometimes.

6:22 PM, February 09, 2006  
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