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Thursday, December 06, 2012


Republicans are talking surrender, saying they are willing to, "negotiate," with Obama about the, "fiscal cliff," which allows the Bush tax RATES, (not cuts), to expire December 31st as well as massive cuts in the military through sequestration.  The GOP negotiating tool is to end tax, "loopholes," and deduction for the, "rich," but not changing the rates.  In other words double talk because when the deductions are ended although rates don't change taxes go up for EVERY small business in The United States as individuals who own the business will pay higher taxes since their deductions will no longer be in affect.

But Barack Obama is not going for this now saying that this approach mathematically does not work.  Just one month ago when he was running for reelection and as a typical liberal politician who refuses to talk tax increases when running for office but seeks them after winning, Obama stated that closing loopholes and ending deductions would work without raising rates. Now that he's won the math doesn't work. The only difference is now he has no one to be accountable to in a voting booth so talking about raising taxes fits the liberal ideology.

But no matter what plan the GOP puts forth unless they cave 100% to Obama's plan, he will let the, "fiscal cliff," take place and allow the tax rates to expire as well as military cuts that he demanded during the negotiations to raise the debt limit when he stated he would NOT sign any debt limit increase unless it included the sequestration cuts and John Boehner caved then as he is doing now.

Obama's real plan is to let this cliff happen in order to get the military cuts he wants AND raise tax rates for those making $250K and up at the same time.  By allowing the rates to expire at the end of the month he gets everything he wants then can force Congress to make him look like a hero when he proposes tax cuts for the middle class equal to the same rates that expired thus keeping the status quo but telling the American people that he cut taxes for the 98% and forced the 2% who provide all the jobs to, "pay their fair share."

All of this will take place soon after the new year when the next Congress convenes and Obama can get one of his liberal Democrat cronies to submit his legislation in the House. Any Representative who dares oppose tax cuts for the middle class after Obama has allowed them to expire in the first place will be demonized as an enemy of the people. So the House will vote unanimously for Obama's tax cuts and so will the Senate and Obama will take all the credit for cutting taxes when all he did was keep the status quo and raise taxes on the job creators while allowing massive cuts to our military.

This is his plan and that is why he has no qualms about leaving for a three week Hawaiian vacation with the, "cliff," looming spending tax payer dollars to play in the sun and the surf.  He knows it is a win/win situation for him and has no intention of compromise, a lie he has told the American people throughout the election and since. So sit back and watch as Obama puts his ego, his partisan ideology and his vacation before the country and the people then lie to us about how he saved the day next year when he puts forth the, "tax cut," legislation.

Ken Taylor


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