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Thursday, December 13, 2012


The left and those who call themselves politically correct whine that it just isn't true, there is no war against Christmas. The idea that a systematic war against Christmas and it's true meaning, the birth of Christ, is nothing more than a right wing conspiracy and anyone who tells you differently is just crying wolf, is what the left and the politically correct want you to believe. Yet the war not only exists but is growing in its scope each year.

Look for example at the forced use by the politically correct of the use of the greeting Happy Holidays and you need go no further to prove that there is a war against Christmas. The word Holiday has become the chosen substitute for Christmas and in the public arena the use of the word has become a demand to prevent what the politically correct claim is offensive in using Christmas rather than the chosen PC word Holiday.

January has two Holidays, New Years Day and Martin Luther King's Birthday and no one demands the use of the the greeting Happy Holidays.  February finds Valentines Day, Presidents Day and if one includes the celebration of Lincoln's and Washington's birthdays in the mix the month holds four Holidays and no demand that Happy Holidays be used as a greeting.

May has Cinco De Mayo celebrated by millions around the world and of course Memorial Day yet no call for using Happy Holidays. September has Labor Day, October Halloween and November Veterans Day and Thanksgiving yet no demand the use of the greeting Happy Holidays for any of those months.

Yet December which holds the celebration of the birth of Christ, Christmas Day and the hundreds of traditions that are specifically for that celebration to prevent from being offensive Happy Holidays is substituted for Merry Christmas as well as traditions such as the Christmas Tree whose idea was specifically linked to the celebration of Christmas and Christmas only becomes a Holiday Tree.

One more evidence of a systematic war against Christmas lies in the celebration of another religious Holiday but whose religion is considered politically correct so it is not offensive to call the celebration what it is. The Muslim religion has become the politically correct religion so the mention of the celebration of Ramadan is not considered offensive by the left and the politically correct but Christmas is.

So to the politically correct I say emphatically Merry Christmas. To those who fear being offended by the celebration of the birth of Christ I proudly offend you now by wishing you a Merry Christmas.  To the employers who fear offending customers because of political correctness I say Merry Christmas and will do so in your business for my Christmas greeting as I exit your doors.  To those who believe as I that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ and if it offends others by expressing that celebration could care less about them being offended than I proudly join you in wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Bird of Paradise said...

Its not just this HAPPY HOLIDAYS stuff but their also chaging what we called BC and AD to BCE(BEFORE COMMON ERA)and COMMON ERA, and removing crosses and other chriatian symbols becuase these little pantietards are afraid of offeding some one PHOOIE ON LIBERALS THEY NEED TO GET A LIFE AND QUIT THEIR WHINNING

3:41 PM, July 11, 2013  

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