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Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Mitt Romney the moderate, (at best), Republican candidate for President needs to get over this cocky idea that he has in his head that being the GOP nominee is his inevitable destiny. How do I come to the conclusion that Romney thinks being the nominee is his ,"destiny?"

Three State elections which were non binding with no delegates assigned to any candidate took have taken place this week in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri. Polls across the states prior to the vote placed Rick Santorum in the lead and two of the three States, Minnesota and Missouri went for Santorum with Colorado at the time of this writing still undecided with Santorum and Romney tied for the lead.

In previous State campaigns for the GOP nomination, Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida Romney sought to completely destroy Newt Gingrich with campaign rhetoric and ads which were filled with false accusations, exaggerations and yes flat out lies which made the days and weeks before each of the elections look more like a liberal slug fest rather than candidates vying for the chance to beat the true left winger Barack Obama in the Fall.

Romney has forced more negativity than most liberal campaigns in recent history and now he is taking aim in the same manner toward Rick Santorum as he did against Newt Gingrich. Romney has taken the focus of this election off the true enemy of America and Americans, Barack Obama and created a atmosphere in which Obama is allowed to coast along with his destructive agenda and statements like those he made during an interview prior to the Super Bowl where he blamed the Founders and the constraints placed in the Constitution to prevent any one man from dictating through government as the reason he has not been able to push through more of his Marxist agenda without hardly a mention in the campaign for all of the Romney negativity and candidates being forced to deal with it.

At a time when the GOP candidates should be focused like a laser against Obama and seeking to unite the anti Obama vote Romney is taking the focus off Obama and spending millions attacking Republicans and claiming it is good for the election and prepares them to face Obama. Yet during this left wing type onslaught by the Romney campaign against Gingrich and now Santorum, polls are showing that a once sizable lead with any GOP candidate against Obama has reversed and polls are showing Obama beating ALL GOP candidates with a record of failure that should be an almost guarantee of defeat in November.

It is getting so ridiculous on the part of Romney that adds no longer mention Obama but whichever GOP rival he is seeking to destroy and on the campaign trail stump speeches Romney seldom mentions Obama but spends most of his time attacking fellow Republicans. And he considers this good????

This is the candidate the GOP establishment, the pundits and the DNC along with Obama want to gain the nomination. The establishment because they are willing to surrender the Presidency in order to win the Congress when both Branches are ours to have because of the Obama failure. The pundits are in agreement with the establishment and the DNC and Obama want to face Romney because they KNOW HE CAN BE BEATEN.

We don't need a proven loser as a candidate against Obama. Romney has proven he can lose and has little experience in the win column. Obama knows this and if Republicans who still support Romney don't realize it we will be stuck with another John McCain and four more years of Obama. Romney needs to get over his arrogance and his delusion of inevitability. This race is far from over and Romney is not the clear front runner he thinks he is and as shown in his current campaign strategy is not worthy of the nomination from the party of Ronald Reagan

Ken Taylor


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