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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Before anyone comes to any conclusion that I am accusing Barack Obama of being a racist let me set this record straight BEFORE it gets out of control. I DO NOT NOR EVER HAVE considered Obama a racist but DO consider his Presidency the catalyst for an almost reversal of racism problems that our Nation had advanced past and in some respects overcome before he took office. Were there race problems before he took office? Yes of course there were and as with any type of racial problem they were and are a disgusting part of life that we must always stand against and fight to end.

Now with all that said, I AM SICK AND TIRED of being called a racist and accused of being a racist because I disagree with Obama and am a vocal opponent both here on my website and in my weekly Internet Radio Show Political Graffiti about my disagreement with his policy and his agenda. In fact as I have always believed it is my duty as a citizen to be as vocal and politically active as possible when I disagree with ANY President because it is my Constitutional responsibility to hold him accountable to we the people and therefore disagreeing with anything ANY President does that I believe is harmful for my country is a sacred trust given me by our Founders.

I could care less what color Obama is. I do not judge anyone whether friend, foe, acquaintance or President by the color of their skin but by their character and actions and when it comes to ANY President or politician by their political philosophy and actions and their affect on our people and our Nation. If Obama was blue, green, yellow or WHITE I would be as vocal against his policy and his agenda as I am now and will continue to be until he is no longer in office.

Yet when ANYONE comes out against Obama in any way they are accused of racism and called any and every name in the book when no racial intent or implication was made just a basic disagreement on policy and political ideology. I posted an article last week using a graph showing how high gas prices compared to low Presidential approval ratings from Carter to Obama. I stated in the article about how Obama has worked since taking office to assist by his policy against big oil in the increased price at the pump and how it more than any political ad by any candidate was the best ad for not reelecting Obama.

An anonymous left winger, they always seem to comment anonymously since they lack the courage to reveal themselves when making baseless attacks, ranted through several paragraphs that I was a racist scum and ended the comment with, "You are a disgusting disgrace to Mankind. Racist %;%#$@*@!" I will not repost the expletive that ended this ridiculous rant.

When Obama was elected President though I did not agree with his policy, proposed agenda or his political ideology I was proud as an American that our Nation had overcome race problems in the Nation to the point that an African American could be elected President and those who used race as an excuse not to succeed need look no further than The White House to know that all people of any race or creed can succeed in this great Nation.

Although I have been politically active for more than thirty five years I naively thought that having a black President would help move racial problems even more to being a thing of the past than they had already become at the time. But just the opposite has happened. In fact racial attitudes are nearly as bad now as they were when I was growing up in the sixties and most in any type of leadership or visible political standing on the left are egging it on by their actions and comments.

Political figures like Maxine Waters and Shelia Jackson Lee use racial comments and accusations at every opportunity especially when any disagreement with Obama policy is expressed. Liberal commentators and news, "journalists," constantly play the race card an accuse those who are vocal against Obama as racists. This has a trickle down affect as is proven by we who use the web and other forms of communication as a means of expressing our political activism.

While Obama himself has never made any statement or insinuation that those who disagree with him are racist, his silence in condemning those who do it constantly on his behalf for all intents and purposes condones this disgusting form of political rhetoric and ridiculously unnecessary means of defending Obama's action and policy. It is uncalled for and does nothing but increase race tension and reverse decades of advancement toward ending racial problems in our Nation and yes I will go as far as saying is an insult to the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King who spent his life fighting against this very thing.

So for those on the left who will read this go ahead and call me a racist and show just how foolish you truly are. For those who read this and use it as a means of trying to, "prove," that conservatives are racists, again be my guest and also show yourself to be a complete fool. For those who read this and understand that it is far from racist and rather an attempt to bring to light a disgusting problem that has shown its ugly face in our political discourse please feel free to quote it anywhere you feel it will do the most good to embracing the fact that God created ALL equal and we as Americans must live by this high standard for the betterment of our beloved country.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not a racist essay you wrote - it's just not a very persuasive argument.

Yes, I am a liberal - but no, I don't believe you are a racist based on this essay.... clearly some people do use racism as a catch-all to criticize folks whose ideas they do not like. That is wrong. I have no interest in defending those people; However, your argument that Obama has made race relations worse and disgraced the legacy of King I think is a stretch.

It seems to be making a big deal about something relatively insignificant... and while I'm sure you will agree that some on the right have made some pretty disgusting racist attacks on Obama (I don't know how anyone can deny it frankly), I think the President has been pretty fair in his characterizations of those people. When he says the Tea Party has legitimate concerns and is not motivated by race, he *is* confronting those in his own party who claim otherwise. It seems a pretty decent defense of those who disagree with his policies.

But to say, just because he's not condemning the people who claim the Tea Party is motivated by race - while at the same time defending those who make racist attacks on him - is somehow a disgrace to the legacy of Dr. King seems to be a bit of an exaggeration.

It's not that you say anything offensive in this essay, it's just that it's not a very persuasive argument to make.

A Liberal who will fight to defend the rights of my fellow citizens who happen to be Conservative.

4:17 PM, February 24, 2012  
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