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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Iranian warships sail through the Suez Canal for the first time since 1979 and Barack Obama is silent. Thousands protest against the Iranian regime and Barack Obama is silent. Somalian pirates sieze US citizens and fire an RPG at a US warship and not only is Obama silent but the hostages are killed. Thousands protest for freedom in Baharain and are killed in the streets and Barack Obama is silent.

Nine days after Lybian Dictator Muammar al-Qaddafi has been murdering freedom protesters in the street Barack Obama finally steps forth to say little but that he was sending Hillary Clinton to Europe to prepare a, "response." Oil prices are skyrocketing because of the petty Lybian Dictator and Barack Obama is silent.

Qaddafi is easily silenced as was proven by President Ronald Reagan in 1986 when in response to a Qaddafi ordered terrorist attack Reagan sent a squadron of F-16's to bomb his palace and Qaddafi was silent for more than TWENTY YEARS. So why is there not a carrier task group in place off the Lybian border ? Because Barack Obama is silent.

Yet when Hosni Mubarak was in trouble in Egypt and the protests which are still unsure as to whether they will lead to freedom or theocracy under the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama quickly made his voice heard on EVERY side of the issue until he finally decided after almost two weeks to call for Mubarak to step down. Now Egypt allows Iranian warships through the Suez and Israel has seen a massive increase of weaponry pouring onto its border with Egypt and now as Egypt looks to fall to Islamic influence, Barack Obama is silent.

Yet in Wisconsin where the GOP legislature and Governor are following the will of the people of their state to get state finances under control and reign in Unions that have almost bankrupted the state, Obama voices his support of the Union against the people, standing with communists who are among the protesters and lawmakers who have fled the state to keep from preforming the duty they were elected to do.

Because of the petty dictator who is killing hundreds in Lybia and threatening oil fields our gas prices are soaring even though Lybian ranks 15th among oil producing Nations and sell their oil to Europe not the US and not only is Obama silent but he has prevented our country from seeking our own resources in preventing budget busting prices at the pump. We have no excuse for having to pay what we do at the pump when we have more resources than ALL of the Middle East combined other than we have a leftist ideologue in the Oval Office who stands between us and inexpensive gas.

All that is taking place in the world now can find a direct link to a weakness seen by our enemies and our allies in the Presidency and the individual who is as lost in the job as a puppy in the middle of a forest. Obama's weakness portrays a weak American and the world takes advantage of it. Obama's silence as the world explodes only emboldens those who would do us and our allies especially Israel harm. Obama's weakness, silence and complete indecisiveness is the most dangerous problem in our world because a weakness in The White House leaves the country's security in peril and the world that depends on a strong US in turmoil.

Ken Taylor


Blogger joetote said...

I'm not sure why anyone should be surprised ad this clown's stance as to the oil situation. Consider the fact that it took our boy 8 days to get his head far enough out of his behind to even comment on the Libya situation. 8 days! In the meantime gas prices are flying through the roof! Yet, his so called administration has the gall to believe we the electorate are really dumb enough to accept their claims that inflation is not happening!

During his campaign, Obama was quite comfortable lecturing the electorate on the fact that he felt it was ok if gas prices when up to $5 a gallon or more. didn't matter to our wanna be dictator! Now as the Mid-East goes up in flames and he openly shows his disdain for Israel, he steadfastly refuses as you note to allow us to tap our own vast natural resources.

His ideology dictates we as a country must be destroyed and become beholden to the third world garbage that is now and has been calling the shots in the U.N. for years.

Our president is nothing more than a follower of a failed Marxist/Socialist system and on top of that every move he makes is also apparently aimed at supporting every radical Muslim order out there.

12:41 PM, February 24, 2011  
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