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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I know most of you who will read this do not need any more proof that Barack Obama has no interest in cutting government spending regardless of what he is falsely telling everyone during pressers and speeches delivered to gullible people around the country. He whines and claims that his $3.7 trillion dollar budget will cut spending, reduce the deficit while at the same time increase monies to his pet agencies like Health and Human Services, Education and his supposed infrastructure initiatives which have yet to amount to anything other than throwing money away.

So even though most of you don't need further proof of Obama's socialist moves and his massive expansion of government, I still present this evidence for the few who still have doubts and somehow think Obama is moving to the center. For those who have no doubts about his socialism, this will be one more piece of news that will get your blood boiling and add to the anger you already have toward Barack Obama.

In 1965, the year that Lyndon Johnson signed into existence the Medicare and Medicaid programs the federal government spent $118.228 billion for ALL government spending. Adjusting for inflation this equals to $822.6 billion in 2010 dollars. Obama's department of Health and Human Services which oversees Medicare, Obamacare and other such programs will spend in fiscal 2011 $909.7 billion or $87.1 billion more than the ENTIRE federal government in 1965.

HHS is the largest agency in the government equaling more that one quarter of all federal spending and in Obama's 2012 budget he has increased that spending. The figures for 2011 do NOT include spending on Obamacare since the dollars spent have been excluded in both the 2011 and 2012 budget figures in order to lie to the American people about the true cost of Obama's debacle.

So adding in Obamacare to the mix will take HHS to well over one trillion dollars for just ONE agency of the Federal government. This as Obama is whining about spending and claims he has had a new found interest in cutting spending, deficits and attacking the debt. His increases in HHS alone show he has no interest in cutting or lowering the debt or deficits. All his socialist mindset wants is spending, government control and increased debt saddled onto the backs of our children and grand children....that is if the economy doesn't collapse from the weight of debt before the next generation.

Ken Taylor.


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