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Tuesday, February 08, 2011


In the days and weeks surrounding the State of the Union address, Barack Obama and his leftists friends in the press tried to portray falsely that he was the new Ronald Reagan. Saying that his speech and his supposed new found centrist views mirrored the Gipper and he saw American policy in the same manner as our 40th President. Of course we all know this was not only wrong but an insult to the memory and legacy of President Reagan.

Now that his ploy pretending to be Reagan didn't work Obama is now channeling yet another President as he tries to redefine himself in light of the fall election and looking for new ways to deceive the American people into believing that he is no longer a leftist ideologue but is now a centrist who listens to the people and believes in all the ideals that made our country great.

Obama took a trip across town in Washington to speak to the Chamber of Commerce in an engagement that was cool at best since Obama has accused the Chamber of being a political wing of the Republican party funneling foreign money to GOP candidates in the last election. Of course he had no proof that this was happening but as a typical liberal it is always the seriousness of the charge and not the proof that matters.

During his thirty five minute speech there were only two times that the members of the Chamber applauded and then only politely. So even after his visit the reception was still cool but it was during his speech that Obama channeled yet another President in order to try and define himself. This time he pretended to be John F. Kennedy.

During the speech Obama scolded the business men and women for hording profits and not sharing them with workers and creating new jobs to attack the unemployment problem. He stated that the government at his behest has done wonders to make the atmosphere for job creation absolutely ideal for business so it was the fault of American business owners hording two trillion dollars in profits that unemployment was as high as it is. I am sure that this was very endearing to the business owners who had to sit and listen to this load of Obama hog wash.

He went on to lecture that regulation on business was good and it was not the fault of the government and over regulation that has caused business to not hire. Again more Obama hog wash to which the business men and women must have rolled their eyes in disbelief as they were listening to this line of garbage from Obama.

During this litany of lies about the greatness of government and the evil of profits, Obama reached into his bag of tricks and channeled JFK. He told the Chamber members that it was up to them to, "invest," in America by using these familiar words, "But ultimately, winning the future is not just about what the government can do for you to succeed. It's also about what you can do to help America succeed. " This sentence is strikingly familiar with Kennedy's famous line from his Inaugural speech, "ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country."

Obama has not uttered an original line during his entire political career. It seems that this leftist ideologue who is pretending to be centrist while still seeking to enlarge government, punish business, spend more money we don't have, increase deficits and debt, will use any person whether conservative or liberal especially a President if he thinks it will get even one person to like him, as a means of redefining himself to deceive Americans. It makes you wonder with all of the flak still taking place about his birth certificate if he continues to try being someone else if HE has actually seen the certificate.

Ken Taylor


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