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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


During Barack Obama's first Oval Office speech, a rambling litany with little truth, meaningless statistics and yet another opportunity to push his energy agenda, ("never let a crisis go to waste"), one line in the speech stood out to me as the definition of the total disorganization and lack of leadership that the entire Gulf oil spill disaster has displayed at the hands of Obama.

Several minutes into the speech when Obama was listing the statistics of the governments response, in an attempt to portray that he knew what he was doing, Obama said this, "if something isn't working, we want to hear about it." This one statement is the sad epitaph of Obama's response and reaction to this unprecedented disaster.

"If something isn't working, we want to know about it." If this fiasco that Obama tried to claim was a well planned, organized and proper response to the Gulf oil spill was truly the great success that he tried to say it was, then he would not need to , "hear about," something that isn't working because there would already be in place personnel and leadership that would asses the situation on the ground and act on what wasn't working, correct the problem and immediately move to the next step.

For Obama to actually state, "if something isn't working, we want to hear about it, " explains in one sentence why this fiasco has failed to prevent the oil from killing wild life, destroying marsh land and generally not being cleaned up. By the time Obama hears that, "something isn't working," it is already well past the time necessary to either prevent it or clean it up BEFORE it has opportunity to kill and destroy.

Stopping the leak is something that is stretching the limit of current technology because of how deep the break in the oil line is and the fact that at 5,000 feet plugging the leak is nearly impossible as we have witnessed. As I have stated in previous postings, over regulation on the oil industry by liberal regulators who cater to the enviro nut agenda is the cause of BP and other companies having to drill at such depths and so far out from shallow waters. So the failure in plugging the leak, though something that is not working, becomes something that is beyond the control of government or anyone else for that matter.

But the clean up is a different story. Obama's failure in immediately using his authority as President to mobilize everything necessary and at the Nations disposal is almost criminal in its failure. The Dutch offered expert help and Obama refused it by letter. Booms are still sitting in warehouses in Maine at the full knowledge of the administration. The burning which could have prevented the oil from spreading was stopped only 45 minutes after it began because of complaints from enviro nuts about the, "impact ," of the smoke. WHAT ABOUT THE IMPACT OF THE OIL YOU IDIOTS!

Waiting for Obama or any senior administration official to have to, "hear about," something that isn't working before it can be assessed and corrected is precisely the reason that oil is destroying marsh lands, killing wild life and lapping up on Gulf Coast beaches. This one sentence describes a total lack of understanding on Obama's part about leadership and placing responsible individuals whose knowledge and expertise can cope with what, "isn't working," and change a non working situation immediately into a working one.

If Obama believes that his 18 minutes of whining in the Oval Office is going to change the understanding of the American people as to just how much of a failure and disaster his response has been and continues to be to the oil spill, then he has another thing coming. Charles Krautheimer stated that the speech might give Obama a momentary point or two bump in the polls but his failure to deal with this disaster will overshadow the bump in a day or two as that failure is shown in pictures and the devastation that continues because of his utter failure as President.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Gail said...

Your blog is being stolen!! It has been plagarised several times. Here's a link:

10:36 AM, June 17, 2010  
Blogger Mike's America said...

Dick Morris points out that Obama isn't a manager. He has NO experience managing a crisis and doesn't even know the questions to ask.

He's in way over his head, surrounded by former campaign aides that can write a good speech and that's about it.

Where are the adults?

2:52 PM, June 17, 2010  
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