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Friday, June 04, 2010


Just when it seems that the total failure of the Obama administration in responding to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill has finally reached its peak of incompetency yet another lame attempt to portray that Barack and company actually know what they are doing has come to light as the administration has called on Titanic and Avatar movie director James Cameron to bring his oil spill, "expertise," to the Gulf.

While Cameron has experience in deep water work in association with his filming of a documentary about the Titanic, how in the world does the Obama administration think it equates to expertise on the oil spill is beyond me other than yet another opportunity to slam BP, which Cameron did immediately upon announcing his advisory position, and some PR for the administration to claim they are ,"doing everything," necessary.

In another Hollywood worthy move by Obama, the out of his league politician, is acting, "furious," over the spill and taking another trip to the region to have even more meetings with officials to decide how much more pretending to be involved Obama can be in the almost Academy Award worthy show he is putting on for the press in feigning anger over the spill.

Oh I am sure he is angry, but that anger is not about the spill but rather how he is getting hammered over his inaction and slow response causing delay after delay with necessary measures which could have and still can keep this from becoming worse that it already is. I have written in a preceding post that all Obama need do is issue an Executive Order, which he seems to like using, and with a simple stroke of his pen all regulations delaying action end and every piece of equipment available for the spill is on its way to the Gulf as well as personnel to do the job.

So this act of anger over the spill is nothing more than an act and the usual Obama dog and pony show for the cameras. He has it in his power to do everything necessary and send everything needed to handle this mess but chooses to allow it do continue and pretend that he is truly concerned when the ONLY concern he really has is his image and the beating that is taking because of his own failings. Oh but he does have time to set up the White House disco and be entertained by Paul McCartney!

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL, and I'm sure if Obama was more actively involved, you'd be crying about how he's encroaching in the private sector and trying to bring the oil industry under the iron fist of socialist control.

By the way, no one reads your crap. Only stumbled on this by accident.

9:40 PM, June 04, 2010  
Blogger Michael said...

What do you know about this??

10:11 PM, June 05, 2010  
Blogger Mike's America said...

Anonymouse: Obviously you don't know what you are talking about.

Your snarky insults are no substitute for an original, substantive contribution to the discussion.

Go crawl back under your rock until you grow up.

12:53 PM, June 07, 2010  
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