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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I have written quite often about the arrogance of Barack Obama, an arrogance that is unmatched, fortunately, by any previous occupant of the Oval Office. Every President because of the prestige and power of the office has a certain amount of swagger simply because of the confidence that is necessary to be the most powerful person in the world.

But Obama is not showing the confidence of a person who wields so much power but a total arrogance BECAUSE he wields so much power and as such believes he is the come all and end all. His two latest examples of this self centered arrogance are among the worst of this failed and incompetent Presidency.

On ABC during an interview Obama was questioned by Dianne Sawyer concerning the battle over health care and the political toll it has taken. Obama's arrogance shined through as he expressed his determination to pass the debacle stating that, "I'd rather be a really good one-term President than a mediocre two-term President." In his not so humble opinion passing health care would make him a , "really good," President.

Does it matter that most American do no want government health care ? No ! Does it matter that it will bankrupt an already damaged economy ? No ! All that matters in his arrogant mind is that health care would make him a good President. The fact that he has failed in everything he has done since taking office of course does not play in this arrogant persons picture.

The second example of Obama's total arrogance this week came over concerns that Democrats are facing another repeat of the 1994 GOP take over of Congress after two years of liberalism under Bill Clinton. With the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts many Democrats justifiably see the hand writing on the wall and 2010 being a massive defeat for them in November.

To, "sooth," their fears Obama responded in his arrogant fashion by stating that this year would not be a repeat of 1994, because, (get this), "you have me." That's right Mr. Arrogance actually believes that Democrats will not suffer a huge loss in November because, never fear Obama is here!

Of course he fails to mention that he could not bring the Olympics to Chicago. Nor does he mention that EVERY Democrat candidate he has campaigned for since becoming President has lost to their GOP challenger even in a State that was a blue as they come, namely Massachusetts. So his record in preventing defeat is not exactly stellar but that does not seem to faze Mr. Arrogance.

One aspect of his arrogance which is advantageous to we who oppose him is the fact that his arrogance blinds him to reality and that reality is the majority of American do not like what he is doing and are taking a stand against both he and his agenda. So no matter how arrogant he is and continues to believe that all who live under his , "Oneship," will bow to his, "majesty," the very arrogance that makes up his personality will ultimately be his undoing as Americans continue to oppose him and defeat him in November and 2012!

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The left and MSM are acting like what happened in Ma is the first time they were aware how the people were not happy with them. They ignored the townhalls,the tea party protest,polls. Arrogance. They are now insisting that it's because they didn't pass their health care bill that people turned on them. This guy is incompetent,sloppy and very stupid. He needs to go.

11:00 AM, January 26, 2010  
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