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Friday, January 22, 2010


"Ding, dong health cares dead, the wicked witch says health cares dead. Ding dong the witch says health cares dead. Ding dong the Pelosi witch says the votes aren't there, yes the votes aren't there. Ding dong the witch says health cares dead."

In an announcement that to some did not come as a surprise House Speaker Nancy Pelsoi, ( the wicked witch), said that there were not enough votes in the House to pass the Senate version of health care. The election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts has virtually killed the center piece of the Obama agenda.

Obama and many in his administration announced on Wednesday after Scott's victory that though the people of Massachusetts had spoken that the plan was to continue full steam ahead with the Obama agenda which is contrary to the will of the majority of the American people. But Pelosi's announcement indicates that because of the lack of a sixty vote majority in the Senate after Browns election, health care at least for now and as it has been written is over.

How and when it is taken up again is also in question because many in Congress understand now that the people do not want this massive government take over and the willingness by many to walk in lock step with Pelosi and Reid is no more. Obama's clout is also extremely diminished if at all and few are willing to stick their political necks out for the unpopular health care debacle any longer.

This is a major blow for Obama who I am sure was hoping to announce the passage of health care during his upcoming State of the Union Address. Now Obama is going to have to spin even more than already planned to actually show accomplishments after his first year in office which has been a complete failure.

Nothing he promised has been done. Spending is way out of control with deficits setting new records every month. Unemployment is staggering and the only jobs that Obama has truly created are the Governorships of New Jersey and Virginia and a Senate seat in Massachusetts. All three are now Republican as a result of failed Obama policy. That is truly change I can believe in!

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:47 AM, January 23, 2010  
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