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Tuesday, January 05, 2010


The glimmer and glitz that once was Barack Obama has not only worn off but has worn off to the point that not even one bit of glitter remains of the once thought awe inspiring, messiah worshiping persona of the 44th President. We who are conservatives thought very little if at all of the false Aura that Obama created around himself and saw through the lie long before he was elected.

But the Kool Aid drinking left drooled over Obama so much that they were completely blinded to the truth of this inexperienced no substance pretender who now holds the most powerful office in the world. But the Kool Aid drinking left is no longer drinking the brew that Obama offered and are awakening to the falsehood and failure of their once worshipped liberal icon.

Drew Weston a staff writer for the liberal Huffington Post wrote the following scathing criticism of Barack Obama:

"Consider the president’s leadership style, which has now become clear: deliver a moving speech, move on, and when push comes to shove, leave it to others to decide what to do if there’s a conflict, because if there’s a conflict, he doesn’t want to be anywhere near it.

Like most Americans I talk to, when I see the president on television, I now change the channel the same way I did with Bush. With Bush, I couldn’t stand his speeches because I knew he meant what he said. I knew he was going to follow through with one ignorant, dangerous, or misguided policy after another.

With Obama, I can’t stand them because I realize he doesn’t mean what he says — or if he does, he just doesn’t have the fire in his belly to follow through. He can’t seem to muster the passion to fight for any of what he believes in, whatever that is. He’d make a great queen — his ceremonial addresses are magnificent — but he prefers to fly Air Force One at 60,000 feet and ’stay above the fray.

I don’t honestly know what this president believes. But I believe if he doesn’t figure it out soon, start enunciating it, and start fighting for it, he’s not only going to give American families hungry for security a series of half-loaves where they could have had full ones, but he’s going to set back the Democratic Party and the progressive movement by decades, because the average American is coming to believe that what they’re seeing right now is ‘liberalism,’ and they don’t like what they see. I don’t, either."

When a usually extremely liberal site like The Huffington Post has seen the light of the failure and incompetence of Barack Obama it becomes very obvious that this unqualified pretender to an office which requires decisions which affect every American has disgusted Americans of all walks of life and all political ideologies. Everyone seeing the danger to our Nation of having children in The White House.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Poor HuffPo. Can't seem to decide WHAT he likes. He didn't like Bush, who meant what he said. He doesn't like Obeyme, who DOESN'T mean what he sez. So which is it?

Obviously, this poor, poor HuffPo wants liberal politics enforced on us. But he doesn't realize that he is SO out-of-step with a vast majority of Americans, that he'll never get what he wants -- at least, not easily.

And he's not willing or able to do the work (physically or mentally) to "get'er done". So all he can do is resort to whining, pouting, name calling, and temper tantrums.

B Woodman

10:26 AM, January 05, 2010  
Blogger Mike's America said...

I watched Bush's speeches precisely because I knew he meant what he said.

That's the same reason I change the channel when Obama is on.

He's an ASS!

Only three more years!

2:32 PM, January 05, 2010  
Blogger Necromancer said...

Luckily I have cable and a very fast internet connection so I don't have to watch the fare on regular TV or even the so-called news or MSM.And Mike I'd say more than that but it's not printable.

7:26 PM, January 05, 2010  
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