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Thursday, July 16, 2009


Stimulus 1 wasted money while unemployment increased. So now they want stimulus 2. Can you say 20% unemployment boys and girls ?!?!?!

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — A New Hampshire man says he swiped his debit card at a gas station to buy a pack of cigarettes and was charged over 23 quadrillion dollars. Josh Muszynski checked his account online a few hours after the purchase and saw the 17-digit number — a stunning $23,148,855,308,184,500 (twenty-three quadrillion, one hundred forty-eight trillion, eight hundred fifty-five billion, three hundred eight million, one hundred eighty-four thousand, five hundred dollars).

Muszynski told WMUR-TV that he spent two hours on the phone with Bank of America trying to sort out the string of numbers — and the $15 overdraft fee.
The bank corrected the error the next day.

This is the type of credit card that Obama us trying to use with the American people paying the bill ! - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

Even with detailed instruction, Obama still couldn't get the ball to the plate much less across it. What a wimp!

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - ROCK SPRINGS, Wyo. — Deputies say a man suspected of kidnapping a woman used an ATM card with his name on it to pop open a lock at her Wyoming home, and then left the card behind. Sweetwater County authorities say 20-year-old Martin Joseph Adams was arrested last week on suspicion of kidnapping, battery and burglary.

Authorities say the woman and her boyfriend were sleeping when Adams allegedly broke in, fought with the man and then hoisted the screaming woman onto his shoulder and left. Investigators say they tracked Adams to his residence where they found him and the woman, who had suffered severe bruises.

The only thing he didn't leave behind was his phone number. As Bugs Bunny says, "what a maroon !" - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

Ladies and Gentleman, children of all ages, step right up and stand in line for Obamacare. Yes you too can be among the 300 million who wait months for simple procedures that now only take days to receive. You too can have the exhilarating experience of wondering if your medical care will happen BEFORE you sickness becomes terminal. Obamacare, government controlled medicine for the 21st century!

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - CAIRO — A family in Saudi Arabia has filed suit in a religious court against an unnamed genie, or jinn, who sounds most unpleasant: It steals cell phones, whispers threats and occasionally flings stones. "We began to hear strange sounds," a family member who requested anonymity told the Saudi daily Al Watan. "At first we did not take it seriously, but then stranger things started to happen, and the children got particularly scared when the genie started throwing stones."

The genie — or genies — had demands: "A woman spoke to me first, and then a man. They said we should get out of the house," said the family member, adding that his clan fled their home near the city of Medina. Sheikh Amr Al Salmi, head of the local Sharia court, said he will investigate the family's claims that it has been harassed for two years: "We have to look into this case and verify its truthfulness despite the difficulty of its consideration," he told the Saudi daily. "What is interesting is that the complaint has come from every member of the family, and not just one."

Maybe the Saudi court needs to rub its magic lamp and just find this family a nice padded room to live in ! - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

Sotomayor says, wise Latina women are more compassionate then white men. She rules that firefighters in New Haven cannot be promoted because only white guys passed the promotion test and we who are against her confirmation to SCOTUS are called racist !

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

RE: President Obeyme & the All-Star pitch:
I thought that he was supposed to be so BUFF & all, worked out every day, show off his torso & pects (at least he did during the campaign).

So, wha' happened??

I'm not sure I could do any better, but then, I don't PRETEND that I'm better either.

B Woodman

11:18 AM, July 16, 2009  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

B. Woodman - you said it man! I have played baseball and since high school played league softball nearly every year since 1975.

Getting it to the plate is NOT that difficult. I watched the actual, "pitch," live. Whenever the opening pitch is thrown whoever throws it the camera shot is wide angle to get the pitcher and the plate both.

Obama had it orchestrated to see ONLY his throw and then walking up to the catcher AFTER the pitch was caught. The whole scene was only available later on the web.

He claims to be everything to everyone, but like his pitch what he says comes up way short of what he does!

Also a President does not go into St Louis and wear a Chicago White Sox jacket no latter who he roots for. Bush owned the Rangers and NEVEr wore a Ranger hat or jacket except when he was at a Ranger game.

Tactless and pitiful which is the definition of this Presidency.

5:25 PM, July 16, 2009  
Blogger RaDena said...

Obama is a bad joke all the way around!

That's one expensive pack of cigarettes, Ken. LOL!

10:45 AM, July 17, 2009  
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