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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I had thought about posting something about the radical ramblings of Sonya Sotomayor and whether she should be confirmed since in her opinion Justice is not blind especially not color blind. But frankly I am already tired of hearing the left praise her as a hero of all mankind and everyone who is against her is considered as racist. So I will admit here and now that if opposing Sotomayor is the definition of a racist, then I am a racist because I do not believe that judges should make decisions based on passion or ideology or even compassion or empathy.

A judges decision should be based only on the strictest view of the law as established in the original intent of our Constitution, which is obviously something that Sotomayor will not do because her entire judicial career is one of denial of the truth of law in the Constitution. She will sit with Ginsburg as a liberal interpreter whose decisions find no basis in the Constitution. And since the Senate consists of many like minded liberal Democrat Senators her confirmation is all but a shoe in.

So to relieve some of the dull drum of the hearings and the drooling of the left over Sotomayor, I hope you enjoy this little diddy from Jib Jab!

Ken Taylor


Blogger RaDena said...

You concluded the same thing I did. Sotomayor's appointment on the Supreme Court was signed, sealed and delivered even before the hearings began, which is what I wrote on my post explaining why I won't be wasting time on that subject.

Love the video! LOL!

9:52 AM, July 14, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree that it is silly for people to call you a racist based on the fact that you oppose the Coonfirmation of Sotomayor. It's down right disgusting. But, at the same time it is awful to think, especially after hearing Sotomayor speak through the committee hearings, that she is a liberal. Just because SlowBama picked her to be on the Supreme Cout doesn't mean she has the same liberal views as he does. If anything she has shown that she is there to go by the Constitution and the precedented letter of the law. What happens to us is that we hear our GOP leaders say they will oppose her because she was chosen by President dumbama and because of our nine to five job we are busy, so we only get to hear the tidbits of what the media is portraying. I am more confident know that she will interpet the law as it should be. what we need to be focusing on is the Federal debt. People losing their homes. Proper Medical coverage for all americans. If she wasn't qualified then she wouldn't even be at the senate hearings. And here is a big clue to tell you if she is qualified or not. we are hearing that she is going to pass with flying color by both parties. Why? Because she is qualified. Di you look at the syracuse independent study on her record of handing down sentences. She was tougher in handing down sentences than her peers. I like that. Doesn't sound like a liberal to me. Let's focus on what's important. That you and your family are doing well, you have a job, you won't lose your house, you and your family will have proper medical coverage. and the federal deficit? Oh my God? Social Security? As a republican she is qualified. I want to talk about the senator scandals like Democrat Rangel not pying taxes and getting away with it.

7:12 PM, July 14, 2009  
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