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Sunday, December 03, 2006


Does America stand for anything anymore or are we so politically correct that who we are and why we exist as a nation no longer matters ? This is a fundamental question that covers a myriad of problems and issues that face this country and because of political correctness it seems that this," Land of the Free and Home of the Brave," is so concerned with offending anyone and everyone that no one is willing to take a stand on anything. Those that do take a stand are labeled as, "mean spirited, " or, "religious fanatics, " even , "racist, " when no racial intent was stated or meant. In this day of political correctness George Washington would have been condemned for offending the British by holding together the Continental Army while profiling, "Red Coats, " as and enemy who had a right to live in this land and praying for Divine Guidance in fighting for the cause of independence and freedom from the British Crown especially if he was celebrating Christmas with his men as the Birthday of Christ. I realize that the preceding example may be a slight exaggeration but unfortunately it is ONLY a slight exaggeration. Political correctness has taken such a toll on our nation that people are concerned and even afraid to wish their neighbor, their fellow employee and heaven forbid a customer, "Merry Christmas, " during the season of a recognized holiday that celebrates the very source of the word Christmas, that being The Christ. Are we so politically correct that we no longer have the will to fight for the freedoms that we hold so dear ? Throughout our history our freedoms have been paid for by the blood of brave Americans who have fought and died for the cause of liberty yet today the death of a soldier is used by the media only as a means of pushing a political agenda and keeping a body count in order to press that agenda. Though the death of any soldier is a tragedy because it is the loss of a precious American life, have we become so unwilling to fight for our beliefs that we consider the cost to great and the battle to fierce that this country can no longer stomach fighting for our liberties ? Are we as a nation so concerned with offending radicals who have as their goal the very destruction of the freedoms and liberties that we as Americans have cherished from the dawn of our Republic that we are willing to sacrifice the security of the nation to prevent a perceived profiling even when those who fit the, "profile, " are displaying actions that can only be seen as a threat ? While there are many political correct disasters that effect this nation the three that I have touched upon will be those that will be discussed in detail.

Merry CHRISTmas - The entire world recognizes Christmas as the celebration of the birth of Jesus, the Christ, the Son of the One God that Christians recognize as God. It has been an accepted holiday celebration for hundreds of years, though secularized in many forms by commercialism which has changed much of its tradition but still a religious holiday celebrating the birth of a religious Deity. Yet in today's politically correct environment even mentioning the name of that Deity, Christ in a greeting is considered offensive. Displaying the religious icons that have marked the celebration of the birth of Jesus throughout history now is considered a violation of the Constitution so nativity scenes are quickly becoming a thing of the past as a public offering. Yet the celebration of Christmas and its true meaning is a cornerstone of our Republic and one which I might add was celebrated by the very men who established religious freedom as the first of our cherished liberties. Not the freedom FROM religion but the freedom OF religion. Political correctness concerning Christmas if forcing upon this nation freedom FROM religion as the fear of offending others who believe and practice a different religious beliefs is compelling business, government and even individuals to refrain from acknowledging the true reason for the holiday and the very celebration that brought it to us. As a nation that offers as a fundamental liberty the freedom OF religion those that believe otherwise have the right to not participate in a recognized celebration just as we who believe in The Christ do not have to bow to Mecca. Devout Jews, who do not believe that Jesus is The Christ, have accepted this fact throughout their history in America and choose to not participate in the celebration but do not believe in the denial of others their right to celebrate or display their recognition of this celebration. Christmas IS the celebration of the birth of Jesus and wishing Merry Christmas and displaying the Nativity in recognition of the celebration is proper and the truest exercise of our basic freedom OF religion.

The War - It is now politically correct to seek only a complete pull out from Iraq rather than seeking a viable and working strategy to finish the mission and win the peace. We have not been at war in Iraq in the truest sense of the meaning for quite some time. We have been attempting to control the peace while the Iraqi government and Security Force have the time and ability to fully establish and fulfill the will of the Iraqi people who have voted for a free and independent Iraq that is not ruled by a tyrant nor by anyone other than those in whom the citizens have voted. An Iraq that governs not by the will of Iran or Syria but by the will of her people. Yet the political correctness concerning only the exit of our troops has created an atmosphere that no longer is seeking a viable strategy for completion of the above stated goal but only a timetable and means to leave the area regardless of the consequences. This is the only actual comparison that Iraq has to the Vietnam war. Leaving Vietnam became the only goal and the collapse of the South was the consequence. Unlike Vietnam in which we should have never entered because there was no vital US interest other than the prevention of Communist expansion Iraq does pose considerable viable interest to the US and US security not the least of which is Iraq's absorption as a puppet in a region that is controlled and dominated by Iran. Preventing this alone is reason enough for US protection of the nation yet political correctness is not only looking just for a means of leaving but actually wanting to negotiate with the very source of this danger, Iran. It has been proven time and again that Iran negotiates only as a means to deceive long enough to fulfill its intended goal. Iraq is no exception and as such negotiating with Iran concerning Iraq is bringing the fox into the henhouse to decide the fate of the chickens. All Americans want our troops home but just bringing them home should never be a goal when it concerns the security of our nation and our interests whether here at home or those of our allies. This does not mean that finding the solution and answer to Iraq will be easy nor does it mean that it will be quick but political correctness to bring the troops home is now presenting plans that do only that and not find the strategy nor the means to solve the terrorist threat in Iraq, the sectarian violence nor the threat of Iranian dominance.

Offending Radicals - The case of the six Imams and their highly questionable activity before and shortly after boarding an airplane has brought to light once again the politically correct practice of condemning profiling even if those profiled are displaying threatening acts and questionable activities. While not all Muslims are terrorists, all terrorists have been Muslim and as such unfortunately for the millions who are model citizens and peaceful individuals casts a light of suspicion on Muslims. Evidence is mounting continually that the case of the Imams was a deliberate attempt to force legal action for security measures that are necessary in a post 9/11 world. If profiling individuals who match certain criteria as those who have made it their goal and their intent to destroy this nation prevents another attack then that is the price of security and protecting our citizens and our nation. This protection is for peaceful Muslims as well. I am half Italian and as such because of my mothers side of the family I have many features that readily identify me as Italian. If the United States had been attacked by radical Italians I would have no objection to being profiled if it meant the safety of my family and my country. Political correctness stemmed by fear of offending the very radicals who seek our destruction threatens the safety of our nation and the protection of our citizens. Fear of angering radical Muslims who actually need no encouragement for their actions or goals against America only emboldens the very elements of Islam that know how to manipulate our system and seek ways around our security. The fear of legal retribution for following necessary security measures can eventually ease those restrictions to the point that it ads to the vulnerabilities that are already present in an open and free society and as such leaves the door open to another 9/11 catastrophe.

Political correctness has damaged our nation and its continued practice rather than defending our freedoms and protecting our liberties actually destroys them and takes away from each of us the fundamental rights that we as Americans cherish and have been available since our Founding Fathers placed these rights into the body of our Constitution and as such the laws and fabric of our free society. Political correctness is a virus that slowly and continually eats at our conscience and erodes our society plummeting us toward a socialistic nation that no longer resembles the free Republic founded and paid for by The American Revolution. Has America fallen into the trap expressed by the quotation, "if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything ?" Will this be the demise of our Republic as political correctness erodes our nation ? America has always stood for freedom and liberty and unless we abandon politically correct notions and follow those ideals and principles that we as a nation were founded upon this nation will no longer exist as the light of liberty to the world.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Rob said...

Interesting post this Sunday and it really made me think.

I don't know how it is in South Carolina, but in Maryland there is no concern that I see about folks saying "Merry Christmas." Also, in my neighborhood there are plenty of folks who have nativity scenes in their yards. I don't see the problem that you seem to be concerned about.

However, I am not for religious-themed decorations of any kind on state/government property. The reason is simple. If any state entity uses tax dollars or allows folks to put up a religious decoration (e.g., nativity scene) then it must be willing to make accomodations for anyone who wants the government to put up decorations for their own religion and their own beliefs. Non-Christians are citizens and taxpayers also and would thus have the right to express their beliefs on state/government property just as much as Christians. The operationalization of the principle of separation of church and state is simple if one just eliminates any implied endorsement of religion by the state.

Ken, you have a significant contradiction within your post. You argue for religious freedom, then you appear to argue that it is inappropriate for Muslims to pray before getting on a plane. The overwhelming majority of Imams are not "radicals" they are just folks who are dedicated to their faith. In the case you are citing, there is NO INDICATION whatsoever that they posed a threat. They were removed from their flight for expressing their constitutionally protected right to bow and pray to God in the way they see fit. What do you believe is so "highly questionable" about that?

Does your definition of freedom and liberty only apply to Christians, or do non-Christians have the right to express themselves in public also.

12:52 PM, December 03, 2006  
Anonymous mudkitty said...

I'm an atheist, and I decorate I have a beautiful Italian hand carved nativity scene that I put out for the holidays every year.

I'm an Xmas lovin Atheist!

Cheer up! It's the holidays!

1:29 PM, December 03, 2006  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...


Great Post!

With people like you who keep this in the forefront of all our minds we will overcome the "Political'Correctness" of the Season!

Just remember to mail your usual Christmas Card to the ACLU, and when you go shopping say it loud and proud so EVERYONE hears "Merry Christmas" to passersby even if they look at you odd.

We will take back Christmas, because I'll be damned if they are going to take it away from me! ACLU or not!

5:00 PM, December 03, 2006  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Rob, they had asked for seat belt extentions which were not needed then laid on the floor beneath their seat after boarding the plane in a manner that was viewed as possible use as a weapon. They sat in similar seating arrangments as the 9/11 killers. Conversations that were heard were viewed as threatning by passengers and crew alike. The Captain who is in charge of the plane made the decision to have them removed because of the evidence that posed them as a threat to his plane. It is not thier prayers that were questioinable but their actions before boarding and after boarding. I believe that they have a right to religious freedom as do all in this country. It was not their religious expression that was in question but some of their actions that caused their deboarding.

9:46 AM, December 04, 2006  
Blogger Gayle said...

Excellent points in this post, Ken. You are absolutely right concerning the imams on that flight. Have you heard the suggestion yet that we actually put prayer rooms in airports for Muslims?! If they are going to do that, then they had better put a special room for Christians to pray in as well, with pictures of Christ and the cross! I'm really very tired - extremely tired - of the mollycodling of all religious practices except Christianity! What next? A stand where they sell prayer rugs perhaps? Fine, but then they'd better have one that sells Christian symbols as well.

11:30 AM, December 04, 2006  
Blogger Rob said...

Ken, by all accounts three of the Imams said their prayers in the terminal before they got on the plane.

The idea that they "laid on the floor beneath their seat after boarding the plane" is ludicrous. Have you ever been on a plane? My kids couldn't do that if they wanted to.

I would love to see your source(s) for the info you are posting. Obviously, we don't know all of the facts, but I haven't seen a single news story talk about the request for a seat belt extension.

From various reports I have read including the AP's report, they were discussing the Iraq war and how foolish it is - but so what? Most Americans are now against the war. That is the only evidence I have seen about their anti-American talk.

The AP report said that no one asked the six to leave the plane until police arrived, when the group complied. They were not asked to be rescreened.

In addition, one of the Imams was blind. How much damage is the guy going to do?

I guess it is now illegal to allow 6 Muslims to travel together on a plane. Even if they have gone through security and have been cleared. So much for freedom in America.

By the way Gayle, who has suggested putting in Muslim prayer rooms at airports. Please let me know because I had not heard that before you posted it. If you could provide a web link I would appreciate it.

6:54 PM, December 04, 2006  
Anonymous mudkitty said...

Merry Xmas!

11:00 PM, December 04, 2006  
Blogger Vern1966 said...

I am also an atheist, and like Mudkitty, I go through a lot of the motions of both Hanukah and Christmas, mostly for the sake of my kids. Apart from the religious aspect, which I don't cover but they are familiar with, it means a lot to them at this point in their lives to feel like they are participating in them, and heck, I've always loved the spirit of this time of year. We all suffer for not embracing whatever occasion it might be that celebrates giving to others and good will toward all men.

Speaking of political correctness overkill, which I agree has gone way overboard, I have recently become a victim of the mega-hyper-correctness. I was fired from my job for (stupidly) admitting, during an investigation of harrassment involving other people in my office, that I occasionally use profanity in the office. Yup. 10 years on the job, and I get axed for swearing (or rather, for thinking that being honest about it was OK). So, yeah, I think we're headed down a path where soon, offending anyone will be punishable by death. Ridiculous.

-- p.s. I'm getting along fine, thanks. Loving the time off while lining other things up, but haven't had much time to post either (which was done mostly on company time anyway. Hah!!)

12:56 AM, December 05, 2006  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Sorry about your job Vern. Political correctness is becoming our downfall. Hey codos for your positive additude and out look!

8:31 AM, December 05, 2006  
Anonymous mudkitty said...

I love seeing Xmas thru a child's eyes.

11:52 AM, December 05, 2006  
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