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Monday, January 16, 2006


Having been born in 1956 I have lived through one Presidential assassination and one nearly successful one. For those of you who have never experienced an event like this it is one that you never forget. I was only seven when President Kennedy was assassinated and to this day can remember in detail the events of November 22, 1963. Both events in Dallas and Washington and in my own home and community. Another such event happened on March 30, 1981 when John Hinkley Jr. in an attempt to impress actress Jodi Foster shot and nearly killed President Reagan only 70 days into his Presidency. I was living in Atlanta, Georgia at the time and was driving down Buford Highway when the news broke and had to pull over to the side of the road because I could not believe what I was hearing. My work closed for the day and I went home and stayed glued to the television as events unfolded. At first it was reported and believed that President Reagan had not been hit. But as the Presidential motorcade was making its way back to the White House the President began having breathing problems and was immediately rushed to the hospital. Doctors at first could not find any reason or wound that would cause the problem until a small hole was found under his arm which revealed a bullet that had entered the chest cavity narrowly missing major arteries and the heart and lodging near the lung. President Reagan despite severe pain and being on the verge of death still kept his marvelous sense of humor. When he saw Nancy for the first time he said, "I forgot to duck, " and as he was entering surgery to remove the bullet he expressed to the Doctors, "I hope you're all Republicans." To which the Democrat Doctor replied, "right now Mr President, we're ALL Republicans." The assassination attempt caused a problem within the administration as Vice President Bush was out of the city and much of Reagan's close staff was at the hospital. Secretary of State Alexander Haige took the reins at the White House and this caused some eyebrows to raise. One of the major concerns that the country faced during this time was the distinct possibility that the Soviets would take advantage of the situation and make a move in Europe. When VP Bush returned to Washington he refused to exercise the 25th amendment that gives the VP, Presidential authority when a majority of the cabinet agrees that the President is not able to perform his duties. This too caused some tense moments for both the administration and the country. Many events of the day were either canceled or postponed. The Stock Exchange closed and the government as a whole ground to a halt until news that President Reagan had survived the attempt was known. At seventy years old President Reagan still had the strength and stamina to survive this attempt on his life and went on to serve as President two terms. It pains me to know that the man who nearly killed a President is now allowed to leave his confinement to spend weekends at home with his parents. This will always be a day that remains fresh in my memory.

Ken Taylor


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