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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I never thought that I would think what I am about to write but here goes. James Carville, (former Clinton hatchet man and since liberal news analyst), and I actually agree on something. I had to have a vigorous chest massage to revive my stopped heart when I came to this conclusion but never the less we have agreed that Democrats have a disease. Carville believes and so do I that, that disease is the Democrats hatred for the GOP and if they hate enough then conservatism will just go away. Now Carville goes on to say that Democrats have a long list of ideas without direction. This is where my agreement ends. The left has one agenda and that is the agenda of political hatred. It drives them, it motivates them, it consumes them to the point that they have found themselves as a party without ideas and direction. Now the party agenda is basing the 2006 elections on what they deem as, "a culture of corruption, " in the Republican majority. Harry Reid, Senate Minority Leader announced today that this would be the theme of the Democrats in the Senate for this election year. Now before those of you on the left have a cow and claim that I am letting my own party off the hook, hang on a moment. BOTH PARTIES are guilty of taking kick backs and bribes if you will. Where the hypocrisy comes is that the Democrats and their media friends are attempting to claim that they are as innocent as a new born lamb while the GOP is totally corrupt and always have been while the Dems are here to save the day. When the list of the first tier of lawmakers that are under investigation for the Abromoff scandal was released three were GOP and two were Democrats in which one was Reid himself. Polls have shown that the majority of Americans believe that this scandal covers both parties and a whopping 44% actually believe that their own representative is corrupt regardless of party. Both are attempting a cosmetic solution with similar proposals to, "end, " the lobbyist control of elected officials and neither proposal gets to the meat of the problem which are the fund raisers and the kick backs that are involved through them. The Democrats are treading down a path which will implicate them as well. The difference is that they have the mainstream media in their pockets which gives them an advantage with those who occasionally or from 6:30 - 7 pm follow the news and politics. The time for true reform is now in both parties and the Republicans have and I believe will take the opportunity as they elect a new majority leader in the House. The Democrats, well I believe that they will be business as usual. Accusing the right never admitting their own faults and continue down the road of orchestrated political destruction and the agenda of hate.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Rob said...

Take down any congressmen - Democrat or Republican - that is on the take. But, let's be clear about Abramoff, he is a Republican lobbyist who was a key part of the Republican, DeLay-driven K Street Project.

8:41 PM, January 18, 2006  
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