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Monday, December 12, 2011


Recent polls are showing not only a clear leader in the race for the Republican nomination but one who is pulling away from the pack in many cases by large double digits. Polling up until recently has had several leaders but most have been in the margin of error with Mitt Romney holding in the low twenties and usually in second.

While Romney is still holding in most polls in the low twenties or upper teens and remaining second, Newt Gingrich is surging well into the upper thirties and low forties with three states showing Gingrich in the low to mid fifties. In these states not only is Gingrich the clear leader but even if those who are labeled as undecided all went to Romney or another candidates Newt would still lead by double digits.

National polling now has Newt at 37% or 38% with Romney remaining about 22% all other candidates falling well below 15%. Early Primary States have Newt at 38% to Romney's 21% in Iowa, 42% to Romney's 18% in South Carolina and in Florida Newt is running away with 56% to Romney's 22% with only 8% undecided.

Two other swing states and large delegations necessary for the nomination have Newt with a commanding lead over all candidates. Ohio has Newt at 52% with Romney at 23% and Pennsylvania polls Newt at 54% to Romney's 21%. These numbers show not just a clear leader but voters deciding which candidate they want to take the nomination and Gingrich is becoming the clear choice for GOP voters.

The polling numbers are starting to cause concern for Mitt Romney who though being the candidate who has consistently been in second over the last three months has been within the margin of error. Now with Gingrich having such a commanding lead, Romney is showing signs of stumbling as the ABC debate proved on Saturday night when his answers many times sounded almost desperate as he tried to put a kink in the Newt armor and a glimmer on his now tarnished armor, not succeeding in either.

With less than a month before the Primary season begins in earnest, time is running out for candidates to make gains and the momentum and decision by voters is clearly going toward Newt Gingrich leaving Romney and all other GOP candidates behind. Independents favor Newt over GOP candidates and Obama buy double digits and this too makes him not only VERY electable but with the best chance of defeating Obama in 2012.

Ken Taylor


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