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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Two interesting events took place this week that came from opposite ends of the political spectrum from two different individuals who could NEVER be political allies. Neither event had anything to do with the other but both have the ability in the context of the event to benefit the GOP in the 2008 election.


The first is the resignation of Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General. While I have gone on record in stating in a previous posting that Gonzales was a victim of a Democrat hack job and witch hunt, his resignation while tragic because of why he resigned will have benefits to the GOP that lie well beneath the surface for the moment.

Most will agree that Gonzales was not one of our better AG's, nor was he one of our worst, ( Janet Reno under Clinton and Ramsey Clarke under LBJ come to mind at the top of the worst list). Gonzales was an average AG who accomplished a few things and was not strong enough in his office on many.

His leaving though creates a situation that before this year is out and especially as we enter an election year in 2008 that will give cause for the American people to take a deeper look at Democrats and re-electing them to the majority in Congress.

The resignation of Gonzales is a direct result of the witch hunt for Bush administration officials that has to date bagged two. Gonzales and , "Scooter, " Libby. While the Libby case has been legally resolved and the ramification for the Dems were small, the Gonzales situation will be another matter. Libby came about from Democrats seeking a big fish in Karl Rove. Instead they got a small fish in Libby and on charges that at best were manufactured from an investigation that had no reason to take place.

Gonzales because of his position as AG is a big fish and as such the Dems have blood in their eyes and political hacking lust in their hearts, thirsting for more. They understand that their relentless hearings and accusations toward Gonzales led to his resignation and now because of their perceived success in taking down a prominent member of the Bush administration they will quickly seek more.

As was the case with Libby and Gonzales they will find nothing substantive or illegal in their next political hack job, but they will use up exorbitant amounts of tax payer time and tax payer money in going after one, after another, after another , after another in endless hearings to satisfy their blood lust for Bush administration officials.

The American people who by their extremely low approval ratings for Congress have already shown that they have grown tired of this Democrat witch hunt will continue to increase in their disgust of the Democrat leadership and the poor Congressional record. As such a back lash against Democrats will begin to steamroll and of course elitist Democrats whose political philosophy is to not listen to the people's voice but rather inform the people that only THEY, (Democrats), know what is good for America, will find themselves on November 6, 2008 scratching their head wondering what happened when a tide of Congressional seats fall from Democrat hands to the GOP.

HILLARY, (The Hildabeast)

The second event that took place was a statement that Hillary made in a speech in reference to the possibility of a future terrorist attack on The United States. She said that any attack on the US will benefit the GOP.

Of course she meant this as a dig to the warmongering Republicans who stand in favor of a war that was manufactured by their President George W. Bush. But in actuality her statement which does have a good deal of truth behind it is more a damning testimony about her own party and the policies that they have pushed in defense of the nation.

No one wants to see another terrorist attack, especially another 9/11 take place in our homeland. Yet the fact is that when the inevitable does take place the American people WILL stand behind the Republicans far more than they will a Democrat. Why ? Simply put, because the GOP has long backed fighting and defeating this murderous and ruthless Islamic enemy while Democrats have done everything in their power to obstruct, push defeat and surrender to this enemy of all Americans.

Democrats fear another attack on the US, not because of the loss of American lives or the impact it will have on our nation, but because another attack will remind Americans of why we fight and why this enemy must be defeated AND how much the Democrats have hampered the war effort and fought for Americas defeat in the war. Through Democrat efforts of disinformation, hampering and out right lies, many if not most Americans have forgotten the impact of 9/11 and the very reasons that we are fighting radical Islam.

Democrats see the enemy as the President, the GOP, especially conservatives and they also fear the loss of political power while tolerating the real enemy Islamic fanatics who seek our death. They want to understand them, or talk with them or negotiate rather than do the only thing that these fanatics understand, seek them out and kill them BEFORE they kill us!

So in essence the Hildabeasts statement that another attack would benefit the GOP is not only true but a sad commentary that something as devastating as an attack on our country could benefit one political party over another, when both parties are American and only one, the GOP sees defending our country is more important than political power or correctness and that America is the answer to most world problems and not the cause.

Ken Taylor


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