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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


As the Democrats continue their, "let's call Bush a liar, " policy concerning the pre-war intelligence on Iraq, the truth is finally starting to surface in several ways. First the investigation that is completing in the Senate has come to the same conclusion as the previous FOUR investigations. The result, there was NO manipulation of the intelligence and the President did not lie. The same liberals who are now claiming that Bush lied us into war are also starting to finally have their words come back to them. Yesterday Fox News aired a report with sound bights from several prominent Democrats including BOTH Clinton's, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and many others who stated that Iraq HAD WMD's and that they agreed that he needed to be removed militarily. A side page to this site, ( ), will also reveal that the Democrats have lied concerning their rhetoric and how much they new from THE SAME INFORMATION that the President had concerning pre-war Iraq. Today John Gibson also reported that EVERYBODY new about Iraq's WMD's and now many of those same people who happen to be on the left are accusing the President of lying and taking us to war under false pretenses. ALL of those making this claim are on record as agreeing with Bush and voting to go to war. Their lies are coming out and the libs still refuse to admit the truth. They are showing their true intent and their true colors. That being to bring down Bush however they have to lie to make that possible and that they will sacrifice our national security and the very men and women who are fighting for our freedoms to accomplish this disgusting agenda and attempt to take power in Washington.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous republican vet said...

You're right, Ken. Everyone knew about this. Congress has had this intel. for years and years and they knew Bush was dead-on.

They gave Clinton the authority to bomb a camel and an aspirin factory, but they cry when Bush liberates the entire place.

Come check out Hillary's latest number.

4:46 PM, November 16, 2005  
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