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Thursday, November 10, 2005


How many more American lives are going to be put in jeopardy because of the mouths of liberals like Ted Kennedy and Jay Rockefeller ? In a tirade before the Senate Kennedy blasted the Iraq mission and blamed the President for the Jordanian attacks claiming that our presence in Iraq caused terrorism and made these murderous attacks possible. NEVER in his disgusting outburst did this murderer and terrorist of the Senate mention that Al Qaeda had taken credit for the bombings and NEVER did he place the blame where it belongs, namely in the laps of these Islamic extremist killers who have vowed to destroy all western civilization especially the United States. Rockefeller was no better as he said much of the same even blaming the attacks on OUR failure to detect and prevent attacks that were planned and executed on the other side of the world. Every time these moronic liberals open their traps to undermine the President and the war effort they are giving aid and comfort to the enemy and embolden the terror element to continue to kill and mame innocents and to kill our brave men and women fighting to protect this nation by destroying terrorism. Their blatant lies and deception about the war and the so called, "lies, " that took us to Iraq as well as blasting the mission that our troops are so valiantly accomplishing, encourages the terrorists to fight on for they feel that through this leftist rhetoric in Congress that they have a foothold and an ally in the United States to prevent us from staying the course and to eventually force us out of Iraq. The determination of Bush and our troops will not allow this to happen until the mission is completed but how many countless lives will be lost because of this liberal defeatism and assistance to our enemy ? Had this type of vocal defeatism been present in WW II how much longer would the Third Reich have lasted and Imperial Japan continued to fight on ? Disagreeing with the President and the war is one thing but actually assisting those that seek to destroy us for the sole purpose of acquiring power in Washington is beyond comprehension. Yet this is the face of the Democrat Party and liberalism today. They no more support our troops then the terrorist who fight against them. The time to shut up and stand behind our military and their Commander in Chief in a time of war is now and this terrorist and murderous rhetoric must stop so that full and final victory can be accomplished without the hindrances of our own countrymen helping the enemy. Put up and shut up Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Rockefeller and your fellow defeatists!

Ken Taylor


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