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Monday, April 02, 2012


Like many of you I am sick of listening to Barack Obama the liar in chief stepping in front of the cameras and telling the American people one lie after another. He claims to be doing everything he can to combat the high price of gas at the pump yet goes on camera demanding that Congress end all oil subsidies to US oil companies trying to take the focus of high gas prices off of him and the dive he is taking in the polls and transfer it to the," big mean oil companies."

First of all just like any business if a tax increase from our overbearing government is placed upon the business the cost of that increase will be passed on to the consumer. Oil companies are no different. If the oil subsidies are ended then the tax difference it would impose will be passed on to the consumer as higher prices at the pumps. You would think even an idiot like Obama would know this.

But like moat on the left taxing any business especially one they can demonize like big oil is just another way of rallying their base. Any economist or someone with only half a brain knows that a business embeds all taxes and any tax increase in the cost of their service or the goods they supply and as such when taxes increase which is what ending the subsidies would to it will equate to higher prices.

Next Obama continues to perpetrate the lie that we are drilling more now then at anytime in our history. What he is NOT telling are the facts and how this, "increased," drilling is actually costing us more at the pump. The increase is coming from drilling taking place on private land leases not government land leases which cost much more to get than on government lands for various reasons not the least of which is that the private land deposits are MUCH harder to reach than those on government lands. So while more drilling may be going on because Obama has drastically cut the leases on government lands it is costing much more to get the oil which equals higher gas prices.

Last and certainly not least, Obama is demanding that tax subsidies end for all American oil companies but fails to tell the American people that he personally cut a deal with Brazil which gives more than $2 BILLION dollars in subsidies to assist Brazilian off shore drilling with the Obama promise that The United States will buy oil from Brazil. So why is it good to subsidize Brazilian oil but evil to subsidize American oil?

Once again I will say as I have said before the greatest campaign ad against the reelection of Barack Obama is seen everyday by almost every American when they pull up to the pump and see the record setting gas prices for this time of year most of which is courtesy of the liar in chief, Barack Obama!

Ken Taylor


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