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Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Before anyone reads this as an endorsement for either Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachman, don't! It is still much to early in the race for me to decide who I will endorse in the 2012 run for The White House. All I can tell you now is that it will NOT be Obama!

Now on to the reason for this post. I like both Palin and Bachman very much. They are strong no holes barred conservatives who have no problem taking on the hard issues and stating exactly what they think regardless of the consequences from the press or those that oppose them. Both have strong attributes that benefit the GOP both now and in the future. The similarities of both ladies in their views and stance on today's issues is what proposes the problem with both entering the GOP race for 2012.

Both Palin and Bachman have large and strong followings in the Tea Party movement and both hold the respect of Tea Party members and with conservatives who may or may not be part of the Tea Party. Neither have a particularly strong following with Independents and both are out of the country club class of Republicans which of course is a good thing. The GOP establishment does not like either of these fine ladies. That is to their favor in every way.

But it is the fact of their similarities that poses a problem for both Palin and Bachman running for the GOP nomination in 2012. Now whether either can gain the nomination or not is still much in question and polls show that while both show high in the polling neither at least currently holds the top spot in the polls or any more than a 15% following even when they show high in the polls. None of which bodes well in gaining the nomination because the numbers just don't hold, at least for the moment.

But setting all of that aside since it is still very early in the race and numbers can change dramatically over even the next several months, both Palin and Bachman are straight shooters and both are among the most honest and real, genuine people in the public spotlight especially looking toward the 2012 nomination.

Of the two Palin is much better known than Bachman and in some ways that is one of her negatives. Not because those that know her and like her are the problem but she has gained a lot of enemies that Bachman does not have which will work to her disadvantage for the 2012 race. A disadvantage that Bachman does not have. But that too may very well be balance out with Bachman's position as an almost unknown outside of conservatives and Tea Party circles.

So the bottom line is that Palin and Bachman will be fighting for almost the same voter base which works to the disadvantage of both of these outstanding ladies whose political stand is not only Constitutional but meets with the best traditions of our Nation. Which tends to make me believe that at least one will not enter the race since both are politically savvy and understand the process of running for high office.

Although Palin is in the midst of high profile publicity campaign involving a bus tour over the Memorial Day weekend and a much anticipated movie about who she is to counter balance the press negatives that have been unfairly leveled against her, I do not think she is doing this to prepare for a 2012 run. I may be wrong but she does not seem to be moving toward a run. But again this is Sarah Palin and she is also one of the most unpredictable politicians that has ever lived.

Bachman on the other hand is very obviously moving toward a 2012 run and I believe that if she announces early in June as it looks like may be the case, Palin will hold off because she understands how the process works and how she and Bachman who are known as friends would basically cancel each other out in a run for The White House.

Well that's how I see it and just as anything else when it involves politicians and especially a Presidential run, I may be completely off base. When one is evaluating someone as unpredictable and that is agood thing, as Sarah Palin and someone as unconventional, which is also a good thing as Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, just about anything goes. I will say this for certain, if either can gain the nomination I will have no problem casting my vote for either Palin or Bachman!

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You republican supporters make me laugh. face it, Obama has secured 2012, palin is an idiot, and the tea party is just plain AWFUL. I'd bet a substantial ammount that you have no idea of the policies of either candidate, yet you blindly support their causes because they are white american christians.

Oh an by the way, OBAMA caught osama, not the bush administration. Deal with it.

9:34 AM, June 01, 2011  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

I am so sick of you left wing jokers insinuating that anyone who opposes Obama does so because of race. I could care less what color he is I am completely opposed to his policy and his stand on the issues and would feel the same no matter what color he is.

As far as not knowing how caniddates stand...take a look in the mirror to you and others like you who have blindly latched onto Obama without knowing he or his stand on the issues. I know the candidates and do not look blindly simply because they exists. I mentioned in my post that I was NOT endorsing anyone but stating that both would play to the same basic base since they are similar in their stance on the issues.

As far as Obama his record is the best campaign add AGAINST him. Look at the polls and see for yourself that he is NOT a shoe in and that he is struggling at best to get any kind of momentum toward relection because of the numbers who consider him a bad President and on the wrong side of the issues.

11:52 PM, June 01, 2011  
Blogger Mike's America said...

Anonymouse: You're fooling yourself but no one else if you think Obama/Osama isn't beatable.

Ken: Aren't you leaving yourself open to being attacked as a RINO lover by refusing to immediately endorse both Palin and Bachmann? :)

12:38 AM, June 03, 2011  
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