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Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Whether it was an attack from the left who fear Herman Cain as a black man who is a conservative thus not fitting into the liberal mold the left expects from blacks, or an opposing GOP campaign who fear Cain because his strong conservatism scares the GOP establishment while connecting with the people, Cain is rising above the perceived scandal as voters seem to recognize it as a politically motivated attack.

The day the news broke about the false accusation of sexual harassment against Cain while he was the CEO of the National Restaurant Association, allegations that were found baseless in a subsequent investigation by the Association, Cain's campaign experienced the largest single day online campaign donations since he announced his candidacy several months ago.

A new Quinnipiac poll taken from October 25 - 31 as the supposed scandal was dominating the news, Cains lead among GOP contenders has grown and in fact is now out of the margin of error. Cain holds a 30% to 23% lead over Mitt Romney with Newt Gingrich moving into a solid third place while Rick Perry has completely faded to a distant fourth.

Herman Cains rise to front runner comes from a connection with voters that is reminiscent to that of President Reagan during the 1980 Presidential campaign. Cain like Reagan sparked fear on the left as liberals attacked then candidate Reagan at every turn, attacks which continued during his Presidency. The GOP establishment feared Reagan as they do Cain because his conservatism like Cains connected with voters who were fed up with the GOP establishment as they are now.

Cain unlike Romney represents true conservative values and his conservatism is real and not created to attempt to convince voters in light of a record like that of Romney's that is far from conservative. Cain exceeds Perry in his true conservatism as doubts about Perry plague him which is evident as his poll numbers continue to plummet.

Cain bodes better in his conservatism than Newt Gingrich who though a strong conservative has angered many because of his backing of more left leaning establishment candidates in the 2010 election and his association with Nancy Pelosi on the issue of man made Global Warming. As a result Gingrich hurt his former strong support among conservatives which is showing as he has consistently been no more than third in most polling. His commanding performance in the debates has strengthened his campaign but doubts about him still plaque the former Speaker.

Cain is rising above this perceived scandal and voters are savvy enough to see a politically motivated attack when they see one. As a result Cain's support has not faded nor is it likely. Those who once thought him as the flavor of the week in the GOP field are beginning to wise up and understand that Cain is the real deal and may very well be the GOP nominee as his connection with the people continues to grow along with his support among voters.

Ken Taylor


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