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Tuesday, November 01, 2011


Republican Presidential Candidate and front runner Herman Cain in an article in Politico using, "anonymous," sources as its bases has called accusations of sexual harassment made against him in the 1990's when he was CEO of the National Restaurant Association, "false," and "baseless."

Cain stated the accusations were baseless and an investigation when they were made found them not only baseless but false. In the above press conference Cain stated that he was unaware of any settlement, a claim that was also made in the Politico hit piece but in an interview on Great Van Susteren, Cain stated that after spending the day remembering some of the details of this false claim against him, he does remember something about a small severance settlement amounting to roughly three months pay for one of the accusers.

Cain stated that after recusing himself as CEO, an investigation concluded that there was no bases for the accusation and the two female employees were no longer employed with the Association. Cain did state one incident in the accusation where he made a gesture holding his hand up to his chin stating that one of the female accusers was the same height as his wife was an incident that was part of the baseless accusations.

This is nothing more than a political hit piece against a candidate that strikes fear in liberals and yes, even the Republican establishment. Libs fear Cain because he does not fit the mold of the typical black man the left expects and the GOP establishment fears his strong conservative message which connects with voters and has made him the front runner as a result.

This stinks of a political hit to try and bring Cain down as a candidate and is very reminiscent of the baseless attacks against another conservative black man, Clarence Thomas, when he was nominated for SCOTUS and a supposed accuser named Anita Hill was brought to Capital Hill as part of a witch hunt against Thomas. The hearings found Hills accusations baseless but only after the left vilified Thomas in public before he was ultimately confirmed to the Court becoming one of our greatest Justices.

Herman Cain will rise above this and continue the Cain train to the GOP nomination. In fact a poll released after the news of the false accusation became public found Cain leading all GOP candidates including Rick Perry in Texas the home state of both Perry and Ron Paul and where Perry is the current Governor. Cain connects with the people and the people understand this as the baseless false political attack this is against a strong conservative candidate whose rise continues.

Ken Taylor


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