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Friday, July 29, 2011


Reports are circulation that Barack Obama is losing sleep because of the debt crisis and the supposed deadline that is looming for August the second. Well shucks, oh darn, Obama isn't sleeping what a shame! Frankly, I don't believe he has actually lost a minutes sleep over this nightmare and if he has, GOOD, because he created the problem, he exacerbated the problem, he lied about the problem and he has caused it to go down to the wire by refusing to accept anything but his arrogant, "balanced," approach that raises taxes.

So GOOD if he's losing sleep, but I still bet he will attend his million dollar birthday bash and find the time to hit the golf links this weekend. If he is by chance losing sleep it is likely because he will be forced by Constitutional law to pay the debt regardless of whether he gets a debt ceiling raise or not and money he planned to use to expand government will actually have to go to pay interest on the debt rather than blown on some liberal pet project that he and his Dem cronies have been planning.

If he can't spend, spend, spend our money he is sad, sad, sad, and maybe THAT causes him to lose sleep as he tries to figure out another way to deceive the American people and scare them into helping him to further destroy our country. Now I can see him up nights for this since it is what he does best and how he has handled his responsibilities since taking office and planning his massive deceptive campaign takes time and must be done without scrutiny, so a late night planning session causing a sleepless night is possible.

I have also noticed that he expresses NO concern over the fact that Standard and Poors is on the verge of down grading The United States for the first time in our history from a AAA credit rating NOT because any debt ceiling may or may not be raised but because our debt is so massive that if we do not eliminate $4 TRILLION immediately we lose our AAA rating.

He's to interested in raising the debt ceiling and using scare tactics to do so in order to borrow more money to add to the debt than he is about decreasing our debt to keep the AAA rating. So every America is going to have to pay for his arrogance and his spending since he and his agenda have increased our debt by more than $5trillion dollars in that last two years which has placed us at the edge of the credit rating abyss.

He's do interested in getting his greedy socialist paws on new borrowed money to add to the debt so he can spend it as his greedy socialist paws wishes, to make, "investments," his new catch phrase that covers tax increases and additional unwanted and unwarranted spending. So his greed to explode government is going to cause our rating to drop which will raise interest rates, cause havoc in the markets and skyrocket prices since all US goods and finances will no longer be rated an acceptable risk by world financial markets. Every American will pay for his arrogance and stupidity.

So Mr. Obama I hope you lose plenty of sleep as you ponder what you have done to our country and her people. I hope your eyes never close as your feeble brain is filled with guilt over the destruction you have wrought on our great Nation and I hope sleepless nights haunt you until we kick your sorry tail out of office and save our country from you and your arrogant destruction.

Ken Taylor


Blogger joetote said...

Bottom line. Most of the scum in D.C. are nothing nut lying sacks of crap! Not one of the proposed plans cut spending1 forget the fact for a moment that Comrade Obama's waterboy couldn't even bother to aloow debate much less a vote on what is really a bad bill from the house. Why! Because it doesn't cut spending! Spending still goes up 750 billion a year above projected revenue income!

So you're right Ken! who gives a damn if this clown is losing sleep. We're sliding into third world status and are on the precipice of a depression not only because of Comrade Obama but in fact because of every rancid piece of garbage in D.C. who in looking to keep their power continue to openly lie to the electorate, an entity I might add that also deserves some blame for refusing to take their responsibilities as voters seriously!

Please excuse the French here, but if one saw the movie Airplane, they would remember when the stewardess is announcing "there is a slight problem"! As she fed the passengers a line of bull, the seat belt sign read "bullshit!" The deeper it got the sign changed to "incredible bullshit!" Well folks, that's what we have here. Incredible Bullshit from the so called President!

10:23 AM, July 30, 2011  
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