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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


The world will come to an end on August 3, 2011, or at least according to Barack Obama and his cronies who are using this ridiculous scare tactic to force a tax increase with little in spending cuts that are stretched over ten years in order to get their liberal way in the debate over the debt ceiling increase.

This is a lie being perpetrated intentionally along with scaring seniors, Vets and those who are disabled by Obama and Dems. A lie that has absolutely no basis, a lie that will not take place and Obama knows it. A lie that is being used ONLY for political maneuvering to scare voters into siding with the liars led by Barack Obama.

First the government takes in nearly $200 billion dollars in revenue each month. More than enough to pay for our debt and all checks which are scheduled to be issued on August 3. Second if the government defaults it will NOT be because the GOP was being stubborn in demanding cuts without tax increases but because BARACK OBAMA AND TIMOTHY GEITHNER CHOSE NOT TO PAY OUR BONDS AND CHOSE NOT TO PAY THE DEBT.

Not because we won't have the money. Not because we haven't extended our debt ceiling and not because the government will automatically default. It will come as a result of Obama ordering Geithner not to pay the debt with revenues available that total more than enough to pay the debt and all checks. This from JUST money which will be taken in during the month of July BEFORE the supposed debt ceiling deadline with another $200 billion in revenues in August.

The world will not come to an end. The government will continue to operate. Our debt will be paid and all checks will go out as normal. If Obama truly thought any of his lies would happen then WHY is he planning a million dollar birthday bash on August 4 the day AFTER he warns the world will come to an end and the government default and shut down?

This is a lie to force his spending agenda, tax increases and expansion of government by exploding the debt ceiling in order to borrow more for his spending spree with the addition of punishing tax increase adding to the borrowed money. The Liar in Chief will say and do anything to force his agenda on the American people even if it means scaring seniors by lying to them and threatening to default on our debt to continue his lie and his scare tactics. This is not leadership but a politial weasel who expects everyone to kiss his backside and bow to his tyranny.

Ken Taylor


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Anonymous Anonymous said...


I suppose you are more in favor of the Reagan position took with regard to the debt ceiling.

12:26 AM, July 22, 2011  
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