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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


There are reports surfacing that all of the scare tactics that have been used by Barack Obama trying to get his arrogant way over the debt ceiling debate have been just what many of us suspected, lies. He has stated that the world will come to an end economically if his, "balanced," approach to raising the debt ceiling is not met.

Yet sources in many circles are leaking that Obama is assuring banks that whether a deal is made or not The United States WILL NOT default on its loans come August 2 as he has been deceitfully stating in interviews, speeches and sound bites for the last two months. As the debate continues it is Obama in fact who is causing the greatest problem as he continually uses the VETO threat when ANY deal is mentioned which doesn't bow to his ridiculous idea of cuts in discretionary spending only combined with tax increases to what he calls the rich, corporate jets class and hedge fund managers.

Additional sources are also revealing that Obama's scare tactic using seniors, Vets, the unemployed and the disabled as leverage against Republicans by claiming checks many depend upon may not be sent out if his debt ceiling plan is not passed, is also another lie he has placed before the public. In fact White House sources have requested that Fox News inform their viewers that everything will be fine and checks will go out as usual.

I have mentioned in a previous post that in accordance to the 14th Amendment it would be a violation of The Constitution and as such the law if the debt were not paid on time. Obama knows this and the political and legal ramifications to him it would cause if he refused to pay the debt which is what would happen if we were to default. It would be the result of a direct Presidential order telling Treasury not to pay it and he personally would be responsible and accountable bringing with it all of the Constitutional procedures for removal from office.

Still Congress is scrambling and Obama is whining over the debt ceiling as if the world will end on August 2. It seems that the lies told over time are still ruling the debate regardless of where the truth lay. Even the rival speeches on Monday night in which Obama outlined his hard core idea along with a pack of lies and Speaker Boehner's response which though truthful in its content of informing the people the real reasons negotiations have failed and Obama is the cause, both still talked of looming disaster if August 2 passed without a deal.

So the debate continues, Obama is still whining and news agencies are sounding as if the world is quickly coming to an end counting down the days until, "disaster," strikes. All the while the person who has caused this disaster, Barack Obama is creeping behind the scenes letting financial markets know that all will be well yet still using the power of the Presidency to scare the people to enlist their help in trying to force his way upon the Congress and us.

And he considers this leadership. A true leader would be leveling with the public and assuring concerned citizens that although the debt/deficit is a major problem The United States will still be strong, our debts will be paid and the people can still depend upon our country to remain solvent. But not Obama he prefers to scare, lie and create havoc which is what he does best!

Ken Taylor


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