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Friday, July 15, 2011


He said it and even though it was Barack Obama and I have come to understand the man will say anything to get what he wants regardless of the consequences, I still found it hard to believe the words actually came out of his mouth. In a press conference to push once again his idea for the plan to raise the debt ceiling Obama stated that 80% of Americans agreed with his approach of cutting spending, (yeah right, Obama cutting spending ), increasing revenue or in other words tax increases.

Obama has been delusional since taking office but this borders on INSANE to claim that 80% of Americans favor increased taxes in order to cover the bill for out of control spending AND increasing the Nations debt limit all at the same time. I ask you how many people do you know that want their taxes increased? No one except those who live in the delusional world of Barack Obama actually believe Americans want their taxes increased. Almost every American believes we are taxed too much already.

Yet in front of the press and to a national and world audience the delusions of Obama were clear, he did state American side with him and want their taxes increased. If ever anyone thought that Obama wouldn't say or do anything to get his way or force an issue toward his view this one statement should take away any doubts as to his delusions and his ability to do anything regardless of the cost to force his agenda on the country.

Americans are paying attention and the vast majority understand that the debt and continued deficits are destroying our economy and our way of life. We the people expect and are demanding that Washington get our fiscal house in order but no one wants that order pushed even further on the backs of the American tax payer except Obama and his liberal cronies who only want the extra money in order to avoid making major cuts and to continue spending at current rates with the, "promise," that sometime in the next decade some cutting will be made.

Republicans state emphatically that tax increases are off the table and a non starter in the talks and the American people agree with no taxation to pay for spending that the people never wanted in the first place. For Obama to publicly state that he has the backing of the people proves just how out of touch he is with real Americans and also how little he cares about the people and the struggles that the economy he has created are placing on the backs of Americans.

Ken Taylor


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