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Monday, July 25, 2011


This post is going to short and to the point. Obama spoke on TV about the debt ceiling debate and spent 15 minutes lying, blaming Bush, blaming Republicans and acting like only he had any sense which in itself is a lie. This man makes me sick to my stomach and I watched this pack of lies he delivered only because I had to see for myself just how much he would lie in order to deceive the American people.

His entire focus was on blaming everyone but himself for the deficit/debt problem we have by immediately going all the way back to 2000 and George Bush. He took words and actions that Ronald Reagan made out of context and in a completely different situation in order to try and shame conservatives and those that admire Reagan into supporting his lie and his WRONG approach to tackling this problem.

He said our credit rating would drop if the debt ceiling wasn't raised and his ,"balanced," approach approved. Not only is this a lie but a blatant bald faced one at that. Even if the debt ceiling is raised Standard and Poors has stated that we are in danger of losing our AAA status because of the SIZE of our debt. Raising the debt ceiling without decreasing the debt significantly only adds to the likelihood that our rating will be lowered.

Obama blamed Republicans for stalling the process but HE and HE alone has continually either stalled or stopped it which is why both Boehner and Reid chose to leave him out of negotiations this week in order to try and actually do some negotiating without Obama as a continual stumbling block.

His lie about accepting the shorter term proposal which would last until next April has nothing to do with ,"kicking the can," down the road but because he wants that can kicked down the road until AFTER the 2012 election so he won't take a beating because of this mess HE created.

He played the class warfare card and was completely partisan while saying he was the only one not being partisan. Barack Obama is the worst type of politician in a town full of bad politicians. He is a political animal who looks out ONLY for his own personal interests and will say and do anything to promote himself and those interests at the expense of the country and the people. He is an insult to the office he holds and an insult to the great men who have preceded him in that office. He is a loser who thinks he is great. A person who deserves and warrants no respect...period!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Jenn of the Jungle said...

Breathe....sane people saw it all.

12:20 AM, July 26, 2011  
Blogger Tom's Place said...

Blame Bush - wonder when the "sane" Liberals will see that's a dead horse that they cannot beat anymore...

8:38 AM, July 30, 2011  
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