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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Get ready folks because its coming to a liberal media outlet and from every left wing and Democrat source available. Barack Obama is a failed President by any standard including measuring up to the previous holder of the worst President in our Nations history, Jimmy Carter. His performance has been dismal at best and his record even worse.

Opponents of Obama in the 2012 race for The White House have more legitimate ammunition to use against this President than any campaign against an incumbent possibly in our history but definitely in the modern Presidency. Yet Obama's failed record, his arrogant attitude, his disastrous foreign policy and record of spending and deficits that exceed all of his predecessors combined will be transformed by fellow Democrats and the MSM as attacks against Obama because he is black.

Obama claimed when running in 2008 and emphasised after his election that he would be a uniting President. But his term in office has been polar opposite as he has been the most divisive President in memory. Throughout his tenure in the Oval Office there have been constant false emphasis by Obama, his spokes people and especially left wing pundits and MSM types that all of Obama's problems stem from his being a black President.

If you oppose Obama policy you are a racist. If you dislike any action he is taking you are a racist. If you are angered by the direction he is taking this country you are a racist. If you disagree with anything he is doing or says you are a racist. If you speak against him in any way you are a racist. If you favor someone who opposes Obama you favor that person because as a racist you can't handle having a black President. I could go on but I am sure you get the picture.

Now the 2012 election cycle is beginning to start in earnest and right out of the gate the race baiting is starting and will escalate as we draw closer to the November General election. The number three Democrat in the House, Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, I'm ashamed to admit his being from my state, and it is not because he is black but because he is a LOUSY Representative, is on record in an interview with McClatchy News Group, that all of Obama's problems stem from the fact that he is black and as such the opposition to this, "good President," and," great Commander in Chief," is solely due to racism.

In actuality it is not the opposition to Obama who constantly bring up his race or play the race card. In fact one almost NEVER hears of Obama's ethnicity being mentioned when discussing his Presidency or his policy by anyone who opposes him. His race is only mentioned on a regular basis by those who support him as a means of claiming anyone who opposes him is a racist.

This is The United States of America where it is our duty as citizens to speak out in opposition to ANY President in whom we find disagreement. It is our duty as Americans to stand up against our Chief Executive if his actions are contrary to our Constitution and our traditions handed down to us by our Founders. Obama has fit this definition since day one of his Presidency. But we who oppose him are considered by those who support him as anti American and racist.

There are strong indications already this early in the 2012 race for The White House that the race card is going to be a central part of the campaign used regularly by those who wish Obama to be reelected. There will be similar references I am sure by Obama himself like those he made in the 2008 campaign when he stated that in a speech given in July 08 that some were saying he was, "risky," because he, "doesn't look like the other Presidents on the dollar bill."

We who oppose Obama could care less about what color he is or whether he is from a minority or a majority race. We oppose him ONLY because of what he has done and continues to do. We dislike his policy not his color. We oppose his failure not his skin. We are angered at his leadership or lack thereof not his ethnicity. But no matter how many times we state this fact throughout the 2012 election cycle we will be labeled more everyday as racist because we have the audacity to oppose a black President. So my fellow conservatives, Republicans, Independents and yes Democrats who have put aside the blinders and see the truth about how bad Obama is, be prepared because the left is gearing up for a race filled campaign and we who oppose Obama for all the right reasons will be their target!

Ken Taylor


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