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Wednesday, September 01, 2010


First the Justice Department takes Arizona to court because of the immigration law. A move that is unprecedented in our history and goes against the people of Arizona AND the rest of the country. As if that was bad enough, now the State Department has reported the State of Arizona to the United Nations Human Rights Council as a violator of human rights because of the immigration law.

This is the same UN Council that Iran, that great protector of human rights, was selected as a member of the Commission on Women's Rights, an advisory group for the council. The same council that considers Lybia, Argentina and China as members in good standing since they too have such wonderful human rights records.

Our own State Department in a report concerning human rights violations proceeds to turn the State of Arizona in as a violator of human rights since the state had the gal to pass a law which only enforces current existing laws already on federal books.

Understandably, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is extremely upset as evidenced in the above video and this scathing letter sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton objecting to Arizona's inclusion in the report. Governor Brewer found out about the report on the Internet, which means the Obama administration not only insulted the state by including it in the report but did not even inform Arizona of the situation or the report.

This jumps to the top of the list of ridiculous actions and idiotic moves made by Obama and his people. According to the report Arizona's,"racial profiling," which has not and does not exist in accordance to the Arizona law is labeled as a human rights problem in The United States. Additionally with this law still in the courts sending this report to the UN only exasperates a situation where the Obama administration has all but declared war on a sovereign state IN OUR OWN COUNTRY.

It would seem that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama consider the state of Arizona protecting its citizens by ONLY enforcing already existing laws are on the same level of human rights problems like genocide, child and female abuse, and other violations that the Council is supposed to address. And some think Hillary would be a better President than Obama ? Think again!

Ken Taylor


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