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Sunday, May 04, 2008


Hillary lies about sniper fire in Bosnia. Obama hits the Jeremiah Wright iceberg foundering his campaign. Hillary rants about the death of an expectant mother BECAUSE of not having health care only to find out she did and was treated. Obama insults Small Town Americans about guns and religion.

The list goes on with Hillary's lies and excessive baggage and Obama's poor judgement concerning Wright, his inexperience and skeletons that keep showing up. The once thought unstoppable Obamamania has now become a series of questions as to whether the Senator from Illinois is even electable in November.

Hillary Clinton, whose massive amount of excessive baggage ranging from White Water and Travelgate during the Bubba White House years to her continuous lying on the campaign trail have raised her unelectability rating from maybe to considerable.

In fact there is an obvious Clinton weariness that is taking place in Democrat circles as Hillary is bouncing back because of the controversy that has been following Barack Obama and Super Delegates who once supported her are switching allegiance on a regular basis.

For Obama, the once invincible Rock Star, many in the know and , "anonymous, " sources in Democrat circles are strongly questioning whether Obama can even BE elected if he gains the nomination and the head to head match up with John McCain in the Fall. Usually ,"anonymous," sources are party officials who don't mind telling the truth but want deniability by remaining anonymous.

In reality had Barack Obama been an open book, so to speak, from the beginning rather than using generalities and keeping who he is and what he believes under wraps for the last year, leaving most to wonder just who this guy was, the controversy over Jeremiah Wright might not have been as damaging to Obama. But because no one knew anything about him the Wright situation brought so many questions about his character, judgement and his ability to tell the truth that it dropped him from Rock Star to an almost has been.

Hillary Clinton has always been a questionable figure because of her past dealings but her campaign antics combined with a general tiring of the Clinton's in Democrat circles has brought into question her electability were she to gain the nomination in the Fall.

This electability problem for both candidates may very well be why many of the Super Delegates have not made up their mind and in the case of Clinton weariness why some are jumping the Clinton Bandwagon for Obama even though Hillary has shown strength in the big States and if Florida is counted, (which is likely), a lead in the popular Primary voter count.

Of course all of this turmoil and controversy with Democrats has only benefited John McCain who is riding the tide of Democrat implosion without having to do much other than make an appearance here and there or make an occasional policy statement. Which is also good for the GOP come the final push for November.

Rasmussen and Zogby have McCain over Clinton by about 5 while over Obama by 9. This from a candidate who has been out of most headlines for several weeks and is riding a tide of opponent blunders. When the final push begins after the GOP Convention in September and the scrutiny becomes much more than it is now, McCain should find a comfortable lead over either Democrat wanna be.

McCain is very much an open book. His standing on issues is well known good, bad or indifferent. Any skeletons that he may have had have been scrutinized and set aside even before winning in the Primaries. Match this with his well known war record and McCain will have only the usual questions about his age, (which are easily overcome), to handle before November.

Clinton or Obama on the other hand will leave the Convention to the harsh scrutiny of a General Election and both will face far more questioning and demands then either have faced during the Primary Season. If they think they have had a tough road so far wait until September !

So once again Democrats face a decision over electability between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Whoever faces McCain in the Fall will carry with them a tremendous amount of baggage from the Primaries as well as further and much deeper digging because of the added attention that voters have as we approach a General Election.

At the Democrat Convention in August the electability factor against John McCain will weigh heavy with all voting delegates, Super as well as popular vote delegates. Fortunately for the GOP and unfortunately for the Democrats neither choice that Democrat delegates have offers much hope for November. I will end this post with as much sarcasm that I can muster by saying , "DARN WHAT A SHAME!!!!!"

Ken Taylor


Blogger Rob said...

Ken, as I have said numerous times, I don't think the national polls for the general election mean much because the candidates have not begun the national campaign against one another yet.

Obama is going to be the nominee. Anyone who thinks that is not going to happen simply does not understand the delegate math.

A lot can happen before November, but Iraq is worsening again with no solution in sight. McCain has hitched himself to that losing apple cart and it is going to drag him down.

On top of that, his lack of economic knowledge will doom him as the economy continues to flounder.

2:00 PM, May 04, 2008  
Blogger Conservative Chic said...

I think this drama between the democratic canidates will weigh heavily in the months to come. I don't see how it possibly can't. The more time that goes by, the more blunders they make. While we are just sitting back eating popcorn!

11:27 PM, May 04, 2008  
Blogger T2111 said...

I agree with Rob, but I understand conservative chic's glee as well. The Democrats will need to find a meeting of the minds, because the Obama supporters have insulted Clinton's supporters more than Clinton (who recognizes the ignorance of the attacks if she ever sees them) - and their source is often as not from a conservative rag like the WSJ. It was beautiful to see the Conservative Truthsayers [not this blog - I've never read it before] suddenly turn 180 degrees and support Hillary's right to continue the nomination fight! I swear, same guy, same rag, is one week expressing (gleeful) disgust that she won't roll over, and next week is championing a Democrat whose chances were never in the pits of McCain's Republican opponent (the religious nut - forget his name - CHucklecheese? Just kidding.)

I think the predominantly young Obama supporters fail to understand what is happening and that they may obtain a Pyrrhic nomination victory that costs them an otherwise easy general election.

However, McCain really chained himself to 100 years in Iraq - a war of devastating economic consequences - and the Reverend Wright, who is truly a problem that goes deeper than embarrassment, just doesn't rise to that level of damage -- I hope. McCain is probably smarter than to simply follow in the Idiot Republican's footsteps, but maybe our strategic interests _do_ require a presence, just not an occupation or even a rebuilding. I'd rather get out of urban Iraq and sit on their oil at 10% the cost.

In case anyone has failed to notice, the current crisis at the gas pump is real. We have a problem called reaching "Peak Oil" extraction, and since we import 40% or more of 93% of what keeps America going, and China and India are growing their GNP's at 8% annually, and want what we have, this is going to get ugly! I'm surprised either Party _wants_ to win!

We have sold the American Dream deep into debt, devalued the dollar, given American jobs to America's competition, and sold our companies, real estate, stocks and bonds to foreign interests. We probably hire them to spy on themselves, kill themselves, and run all of our security. And we wonder why we're losing?

Your Friendly Liberal,

2:14 AM, May 05, 2008  
Blogger Rebekah said...

I hope the Dems dont pull this election come November. Down right scary.
I know a lot of conservatives dont like McCain because he didn't always vote their way. But I have a lot of respect for a man that votes "his" way and doesn't cave for the party agenda or to be politically correct.

I vote tomorrow- though I don't have much choice in the Presidential primary- I do have some local offices to vote for

6:42 AM, May 05, 2008  
Blogger Marie's Two Cents said...

Hillary or Obama would be a complete disaster.

We simply cannot afford it.

I'm not prepared to sit on my hands and do nothing while one of the two Democrat Lunatics takes this Country through absolute hell.

I'm with your above poster I have alot of respect for a man that does what he believes in no matter what the consequences, Bush comes to mind!

I'm not wasting my vote.

4:11 PM, May 05, 2008  
Blogger Gayle said...

I understand the math but I also understand Hillary Clinton and the DNC. I think Hillary will get the primary, and as I said on my blog, it's not because of wishful thinking. I don't think the DNC cares about numbers anyway, their Super Delegates will do what they want to do regardless. I'm hoping Obama will win it because I believe he will be easier to beat than Hillary, but I think Hillary will win it. Don't ask me why. It's just a hunch and I'm aware that it goes against nearly every prediction out there.

We can't afford either one of them. I can only say one good thing about the two of them: they certainly have been entertaining. :)

11:45 AM, May 06, 2008  

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