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Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Without media fanfare or even advanced notice Christian Bale the star of the new Batman movie, "The Dark Knight Rises," arrived in Aurora, Colorado and visited with the victims, families and friends of the tragic shooting at a local theater during last weeks midnight premier of his movie.

 During a time when most see Hollywood as a group of elite actors who could care less about the public who make them famous, Bale has shown that not only is he a class act but there are some in Hollywood who still care about life outside of the glitz and pomp of Hollywood.

Bale arrived in Aurora unannounced and without any press following him to visit with those whose lives were affected by the tragedy last week. The press didn't get wind of his visit until they followed up on what they thought were just rumors that Bale was in town and discovered that the rumors were true. He gave no interviews and did not pose for any pictures with the press but only with those he came to visit for their personal remembrance of his visit.

Bale also visited a make shift memorial near the theater where the shooting took place last week and met with those who were visiting the sight as well a posed for pictures with family and friends of the victims. Bale has not been near the top of my list of favorite actors, in fact while watching all of the Batman movies and his Academy Award winning performance in, "The Fighter," Bale has been an actor I could take or leave. After his actions in Aurora he has now shot to the top of my list of respected actors and a truly class act.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Joseph Brandon said...

Just as President Bush and his beautiful wife when they just show up at an airport to welcome home our troops. quiet class and dignity. Way to go Mr. Bale.

9:41 AM, July 25, 2012  
Blogger Kelly said...

Christian Bale truly turned a horrible moment in time into a brief moment where these people can forget, even for a little bit, the horribleness that happened to them. For the Aurora shooting victims, Mr. Bale gave them a moment of normalcy in their lives. So to Mr. Bale, I applaud you for taking the time to visit with the victims, who were loyal enough fans to venture to the midnight showing. You truly are a class act.

3:25 PM, December 28, 2012  
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