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Thursday, July 19, 2012


Mitt Romney is finally starting to fight.  It took Obama making the completely asinine statement about how the millions of Americans who own businesses didn't actually  make the business but somebody else did it for them.

Maybe this one statement of stupidity by Obama was the catalyst that got under Romney's skin but he is finally coming out with the gloves off. While not yet having his Rocky Balboa moment at least he is no longer whining about apologies and calling Obama on his ideas and policy as well as telling Americans that Obama is anti business and is destructive to America.

The picture above is from Romney's official campaign website and the following is quoted from the caption for the picture. "This week, President Obama said: "If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen. Clearly, this President doesn’t understand how our economy works. Mitt Romney knows from experience that the government doesn’t create successful businesses -- hard working individuals do."

His campaign ads and his speeches are finally hitting hard at the failure of Obama and his use of payola politics with tax payer dollars and out sourcing American jobs over seas to fulfill his leftist agenda as evidenced in the campaign ad below.

While a good start Romney needs to completely take the gloves off and use hard hitting truths about Obama including his past and his questionable activities. Democrats are whining about Romney's tax returns. Why then shouldn't Republicans demand Obama to release ALL of his hidden information about that gives him such a questionable past since everything seems to have either disappeared or is treated as top secret national security items.

Obama knows that he has no record to stand on and in the Fall the economy will be worse than it is now as predicted by even his own Fed Chief.  He is trying to use the Summer months to destroy Romney's reputation with false accusations and complete lies about his business practices. The ONLY way Romney can combat this it by NOT falling into the defensive trap but continue with hard hitting facts about Obama and his absolute failure as President.

As James Carville said during the Clinton years and recently in an appearance on CNN, "it's the economy stupid." All of Obama's rhetoric is nothing more than smoke and mirrors to redirect the campaign from his miserable record and his miserable economy to petty lies and accusation that can dominate the news. Romney cannot fall into Obama's trap and MUST continue to hammer home the economy and the destruction of Barack Obama. That will over come the lies and accusations and keep the message of restoring America all the way to November.

Ken Taylor


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