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Sunday, November 06, 2011


We have been witness this past week to the worst and most nasty style of politics ever used in a political campaign, as a means to derail a Presidential nominee or just any attempt to keep from dealing with any issue, the politics of personal destruction. Rather than look for ways of dealing with a political opponent by means of defeating him/her by the issues seeking to destroy him/her by destroying them on a personal basis are used with allegations either exaggerated or completely untrue.

For more than a week at a time when our Nation is suffering in ways almost never before seen in our history and we have a President who is leading this country down a path of destruction taking us as a Nation further away from the principles and traditions that have made this country great, rather than hearing or reading about the issues that easily can defeat this President the focus has been on a personal attack against the front runner for the GOP nomination, Herman Cain.

This type of distraction in politics is nothing new. We have witnessed it many times before and each time it became such a distraction that the real issues and problems that we face as a Nation faded into obscurity and became almost invisible as we now have a media that is more interested in sensationalism than reporting news or finding the truth behind a story.

At at time when a Presidential campaign should be completely focused on defeating the plague against out Nation that is currently occupying The White House the focus has been almost entirely on the attacks against Cain without any proof as to the validity of the attacks just innuendos, anonymous sources and here say evidence. What makes matters worse is that at least for the moment the source of the leak which spawned this media circus seems to be pointing toward one of the GOP rivals rather than the left opposition which makes this much more ridiculous since it has helped the Obama campaign while hurting the GOP since the focus has been taken off the issues of a failed President.

The left is well known for attacking using the politics of personal destruction since they know they can never win on the issues as their stance on issues is in contrast to the majority of voters. So rather than discuss the issue an allegation is made and placed before a media all to willing to report gossip or anyting personal rather than real issue oriented news and the frenzy begins while the left just sits back and enjoys the show reaping the benefits of having their lack of credence on issues at least temporarily taken out of the spotlight and seeing their opponent taken down by perceived scandals and innuendos.

The left and the media believe it is the seriousness of the charge and not whether that charge is based in truth or reality that matters so any allegations become a media trial where the accused is found guilty simply by the allegations and no amount of truth is allowed to overcome the charges since the charge itself is the means of destroying the opponent in the public eye.

What makes this particular attack against Herman Cain so much more disgusting is the very distinct probability that a fellow Republican is using the lefts method of operation as a means of taking down an opponent rather than dealing with the issues and keeping the focus of this Presidential campaign on defeating Obama which is where it belongs. By placing the allegations against Cain in the hands of the leftist media whomever leaked it knew it would take on a life of its own as the media frenzy took over and all they need do is sit back and let it happen and the seriousness of the charge minions on the left do the work for them.

All the while Barack Obama and his campaign for reelection sit back in The White House laughing as they watch the media do what they cannot do and that is defeat Republicans on the issues so Obama watches the issues disappear from public view and his opposition being raked over the coals in a media frenzy while he takes advantage of the moment with headlines off of his failure and his numbers rising if for just a moment in the fray of the seriousness of the charge crowd.

Obama's campaign for reelection has been going downhill for months as his failure as President and his polices of destruction of our country have been the focus of the campaign to defeat him. Voters have been awakened to the truth of that failure as Republican candidates have been able through the means of being the only real campaign news, focus the issues against Obama and as such the public has been listening to the reality of the real dangers Obama poses to another four years in The White House.

Since this perceived scandal against Cain has risen all of the mounting evidence against the reelection of Obama have disappeared and been replaced with the media frenzy of the attack against Cain and Obama has had yet another free pass and ride with a media who does not need ANY help in giving Obama a pass on the issues since they have been his staunches supporters from day one.

If this attack against Cain is truly found to have begun by an opposing GOP candidates campaign then regardless of who they are that alone should be enough to spell defeat for that candidate for the GOP nomination since is shows a lack of character and the ability to lead by whomever allowed this media circus to begin by leaking the allegations and using the tactics of the left and the tool of the left, the media, rather than issues to take down an opponent.

Issues win election not scandal. Republicans have enough evidence through issues alone to defeat Obama and taking the focus off those issues even if for only a week or two by placing a perceived scandal in the hands of a media all to willing to focus on gossip and sensationalized, "news," is the lowest form of politics and unworthy of anyone who is seeking the Presidency especially when Republicans have the upper hand on the issues.

Defeating Obama is going to be tough enough without providing the Obamatrom media another tool to assist their chosen one in remaining in The White House. The leftist media does NOT need the help of a perceived scandal against a GOP candidate to favor Obama and misdirect the public from the issues and the failure of this President. If the attack against Cain has truly come from a fellow Republican then all that moron has done is help Obama and not bring down the GOP front runner.

Ken Taylor


Blogger D Fallis said...

The main-stream media has been busy acting like the National Inquirer instead of reporting news. It's ridiculous with important issues like the Solyndra scandal, Fast and Furious, and talk of going to war against Iran, and worse, the total obliteration of the story about the Fannie and Freddie execs receiving millions in bonuses.

10:39 AM, November 06, 2011  
Blogger joetote said...

When the left (and unfortunately sometimes the right) do not have a leg to stand on, when fact trumps every argument they have, their only recourse is and has been personal attacks and hate! Beware the wounded tiger. It will do anything to survive. Racial hate, class warfare, open bald faced lies, anything is fair game to them in their attempt to keep power.

11:06 AM, November 06, 2011  
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