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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We have witnessed the difference in the last few days of how a true leader acts as opposed to a child who thinks he's a leader. Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has been in The United States since last Friday. He has met with Barack Obama, Jewish groups and today a joint session of our Congress.

As we have watched the moments of Netanyahu's visit unfold we saw his handling of a situation he was thrust into by an arrogant child who blindsided him by making an announcement concerning Israel returning to the borders before the 1967 Six Day War, a speech delivered by Obama intentionally planned to coincide with Netanyahu being en route to The United States to delay his response to this impossible demand.

Netanyahu took the first opportunity at a White House photo/question op to take Obama to task over the demand for Israel to return to the pre 67 borders making Obama look like a fool while explaining in detail the reality of a situation that Obama obviously does not grasp and equally as obvious seeks to abandon Israel in favor of the Palestinians while pretending to be Israels friend. Netanyahu saw through Obama's ruse, called him on it in a gentlemanly but firm reaction.

Obama showed himself to be an arrogant child who constantly bullies to get his own way as he followed up his scolding by Netanyahu by making speeches and assigning staffers to the talking head shows to continue to push his unreasonable and impossible demand on Israel. Even trying to explain it away as a misunderstanding to Jewish groups while still pressing for the move to pre 67 borders.

Now in the wake of the devastating tornado that hit Joplin, Missouri Benjamin Netanyahu has shown once again how a true leader acts and exposed Obama as the child and pretender he truly is. Netanyahu spoke at AIPAC on the Israeli/Palestinian peace process and began his speech remembering the victims of not only the Joplin tornado but the mass devastation that has taken place in The United States over the last two months from tornadoes and floods.

Obama who is on yet another European tour spoke about the devastation in Joplin for the first time on Tuesday morning a full two days AFTER the tornado and only a brief statement before going to hob nob with Queen Elizabeth telling the press he would eventually get around to visiting Joplin Sunday after his European tour is over.

A true leader sets priorities for his people above all and Obama has shown time and again that his quest for popularity is more important than the American people. He is a child in a mans job. Netanyahu stood fast in the face of an arrogant Obama for his people and their defense regardless of what the consequences would be as long as his people remained safe. Netanyahu is a true leader, Obama is a child who wants everyone to think he is a leader.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Horse Racing Megasite said...

Pres.obama focused the need for security measures that are able to curb this kind of terrorism and other threats to the security of Israel. It is a fundamental element, an important foundation of peace we seek and work. And we have to thank him for that, the efforts to move this peace for us and our neighbors, our region and I think we can say that it’s for the whole world.

10:51 AM, May 25, 2011  
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