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Sunday, May 22, 2011


Since its modern day rebirth The United States and every President since Harry Truman who pushed for the creation of the Jewish State as we know it today,Israel has been our staunches ally and we inturn have been Israel's closest friend. Through difficult times and conflict America and our leaders have stood with Israel, supporting her and standing with her against all enemies of which the tiny country is surrounded.

All of that changed as far as official US policy last Thursday as Barack Obama threw Israel under the bus officially as he called for her to return to a pre 1967 border in order to surrender to the Palestinians lands that Israel has occupied for 44 years. Lands they won in an unprovoked attack against her in 1967 and in which she has used to defend herself from neighbors who wish to do her harm.

First a little background as to why this demand by Obama is not only uncalled for but impossible for Israel to concede. Before 1967 much of Israel was only nine miles wide. A very small country that was surrounded by Arab Nations who wanted Israel to cease being a Nation. While Arab Nations being against Israel is not much different than today the positioning of her borders before 1967 made her much more vulnerable than she is now.

On June 5, 1967 without warning and completely unprovoked, Egypt, then known as The United Arab Republic, Syria and Jordan attacked Israel seeking to eliminate the Jewish State. Israel responded and six days later all three countries were defeated with Egypt even finding its Air Force devastated by a defending Israel who managed to catch Egyptian Air Forces on the ground and destroying almost all air power of the country to Israel's south.

In the process of this six day war Israel expanded her borders which since then has given her a buffer zone between hostile neighbors. Over the years through peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan some of the original occupied areas have been returned but enough land left to keep a safer Israel with a buffer between Israel and her neighbors.

Now Barack Obama is demanding that Israel give up everything they earned for protection in order to pacify the Palestinians and help create a Palestinian State. Expecting NOTHING from the Palestinians and demanding everything from Israel. Obama is making it official US policy to abandon Israel and side with the Palestinians. The American people still stand with Israel but the child in The White House does not an unfortunately because he happens to be President how he stands becomes official US policy.

Obama's stance against Israel is almost anti-Semitic in nature since it demands Israel give up lands that helps protect her from certain Nations, namely Syria, who still attack her and support groups like Hamas that seek Israels destruction. Obama in his demand is seeking to open Israel up to the killing of Jews by aggressive enemies with a much lessened ability to defend the Jewish State.

Additionally he has taken away any bargaining Israel has in future negotiations as the Palestinians need say nothing more than repeat Obama's words and use them as their only demand and concession acceptable from Israel for peace. No matter what his rhetoric of supposed respect of Israel, Obama has clearly shown many times since taking office but especially in this latest demand that he is an enemy not an ally of Israel.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a photo/question op at The White House during a visit that followed the day after Obama's speech calling for the pre 67 borders, stated emphatically that Israel would not accept this indefensible position nor Obama's call for Israel to accept a constant flow of the ancestors of Palestinian refugees who are descended from two generations back. Netanyahu took Obama to task on this and provided the naive fool a history and reality lesson in the process.

But this has not stopped the arrogant enemy of Israel from continuing to pressure Israel into accepting his unreasonable and impossible demand. He has made the speech and talking head circuit since either personally or members of his administration calling for the pre 67 borders completely disregarding the justifiable rejection by Israel's Leader. Obama is acting like a child bully trying to force a another to do what he wants.

Israel may be surrounded by enemies but Barack Obama has shown through his words that he hates Israel almost as much as those who surround her. The difference is that he has a bully pulpit in the Presidency to express his almost anti-Semitic hatred of Israel and is using it to his advantage leaving out greatest ally to stand alone defending the right position and trying to tell the truth for a world to listen to.

To our friends in Israel and all of our Jewish citizens here in America please know that although Obama is spewing anti Jewish rhetoric in his demands for Israel, we the people, still stand with you and do not agree with Barack Obama. Israel and all of the lands she occupies now belongs to Israel and not even a President has the right to demand otherwise. We as Americans are seeking to eliminate by our vote your enemy in The White House and come 2012 when we defeat him our new leader will stand with the American people for Israel and her protection.

Ken Taylor


Blogger joetote said...

One can well imagine how I feel about all of this. I have ranted for years not only as to this Presidents clear hate for Israel but in fact his despite for anything or anyone that disagrees with his philosophy that we are the cause of the world’s problems and must apologize for this and in turn cede our leadership to the third world haters in the U.N and other counties! Only a complete idiot could or would turn their back on the one ally we could always depend on. Only a blind asshole would support a people who kill without though other than to exterminate a race.

Yet this President with his actions is every bit as despicable as the morons in Germany back in the 30’s. For all of the lefty apologists out there, you can take my comparing this to Hitler and blow it out your asses! The heads of the Muslim Brotherhood as well as so many other Radical Muslim factions are uttering almost word for word the exact Anti-Jewish tirades one heard prior to and during the Holocaust! There are Muslim leaders who openly condone this and the President in his actions and words sides with them! That is fact kids! President Obama with his demands is openly signing Israel’s death warrant! Yet, we have so many morons here at home in the Jewish community who back this guy! My God! What is it you’re drinking?

2:13 PM, May 22, 2011  
Blogger Mike's America said...

Obama is talking out of both sides of his mouth today with a speech to the Israeli lobbyin group AIPAC. He's trying to tell them not to worry.

But they should have learned, like the rest of us that it's not what Obama says, it is what he does.

And so far, he's done everything he can to throw Israel under the bus and suck up to the Palestinians.

3:53 PM, May 22, 2011  
Anonymous Free Online Astrology said...

Obama shouldn't have to apologize to the only democracy in the Middle East. After all, he only asked that Israel offer its throat to the Hamas and Fatah. No big thing. Israelis are busy buying property from Arabs in the West Bank and building homes. But then if Mexico didn't allow Caucasians in their country they would be called racists. Go figure.

3:59 AM, May 23, 2011  
Anonymous Employment Experts said...

So many people hate the Muslims or the Christians or what not. Yet they are still here. You cant wipe out a religion. Its impossible. Thats why Israel is still around. Because it has established itself based on its religion.

5:39 AM, May 23, 2011  
Anonymous Free Online Tutoring said...

Pres.Obama believes that Jerusalem will continue and will always be the capital of the Jewish state and wants her rules under his presidency will continue. And stand to his decision that the city will remain undivided, I just that all the people in this city will live a peaceful life. Thanks for sharing this.

9:57 AM, May 23, 2011  
Blogger joetote said...

Is the Jewish American (the so called 70% who will vote for this clown) population completely brain dead? Are they so completely screwed up in their heads that they believe for one moment that the atrocities we see aimed day after day at Israel will not be aimed at them once Israel is destroyed? Do they think for one moment a President that openly embraces a radical element bent on the elimination of the Jewish people will even try to stop the insurrection that is already making itself evident around the country? This same slow creeping cancer that is the Anti-Jewish sentiment is exactly the same as Nazi Germany. The similarities are there for all to see. Of course, I and others will be vilified for even having the audacity to compare our President to Hitler, yet he is allowing this to happen. Between his perceived hate for the Jews (again, this is how I see it!) and his Chamberlain like stance of “I believe they’ll negotiate in good faith” belief in the radical Muslims who are now apparently running things (this clown really does believe in his heart radicals can be reasoned with. I’ve never figured this out, yet year after year morons think one can deal with hateful radicals. Can’t be done!) Israel, All Jews and if someone will finally get their heads out of their asses and realize, Western civilization as we know it are in deep danger!

11:00 AM, May 23, 2011  
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