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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It has become extremely obvious that opposition, protest, disagreement or dissent of any type style or manner means noting to Barack Obama. His arrogance and self indulging personality prompts him to do exactly what and only what he wants regardless of the consequences, ramifications or anger of the American people.

Poll after poll have shown that 61% of the people are against Obama's push for health care, yet Mr. Arrogance continues to keep this massive government take over debacle as the center piece of his Presidency completely ignoring the will of the people.

The Copenhagen Climate Conference is caving in faster than Al Gore can lie and the American people especially after the revelation of the Global Warming fraud are against cap and trade and any type of world agreement which transfers American sovereignty to other countries. Yet Mr. Arrogance is full steam ahead pushing The United States into legislation based on the fraud.

Now despite massive opposition to the moving of the detainees from Guantanamo Bay Cuba to ANYWHERE in the country or even moving them at all, Mr. Arrogance without Congressional approval has by Executive Order instructed acquisition by the government of a prison located in Illinois on the Western border of the State near the Mississippi River.

Obama has instructed that the government acquire the Thomson Correctional Facility which is located north of the small village of Thomson, Illinois whose population is less than one thousand residents. The maximum security facility is currently empty but a minimum security facility in the complex houses an average of 144 inmates.

While the facility is in a rural area it does not allow for the isolation situation which is one of the greatest attributes of Guantanamo Bay. The isolation of Gitmo at the Naval Base on the island of Cuba as well as the location actually on the base provides perfect security for detainees who are enemy combatants.

Moving them to Illinois eliminates the isolation and the added security of the Naval Base. But does this matter to Barack Obama ? Not in the least. His only concern is to satisfy the political correctness of the extreme left and the ACLU which have protested the use of Gitmo since it was opened as a detention facility for our enemies shortly after the beginning of the war.

Mr. Arrogance, Barack Obama once again has shown the American people and the world that he is going to do whatever he pleases regardless of the will of the people, the security of the Nation or the ramifications that his policy means to the future of The United States.

Ken Taylor


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