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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The complete and total arrogance of Barack Obama shined in all of its hypocritical glory as he sat down in an interview with his pal Oprah Winfrey. When Oprah asked Obama how he would grade himself on his first year in office he without hesitation gave himself a, "solid B+," and added that if health care passes he would raise the grade to an A-.

Now this is the type of teacher that I would have loved to have had during my school years. A teacher who sees total failure and complete pandemonium as successful and passing the grade. Obama has turned a struggling economy which had already passed the toughest hurdles BEFORE he took office and passed the most irresponsible legislation in history costing Americans 767 billion dollars and he considers this a success thus lengthening a recessive economy.

He has toured the world and through his foreign policy weakened America and making our nation a laughing stock among most Nations who had once respected our country and he calls this success! He has received and accepted a Nobel prize which was nothing more that an dig at his predecessor George Bush and he calls this success!

He has taken a 450 billion dollar deficit and tripled it while creating more debt than every President before him combined and he calls this success! His domestic policy has raised unemployment to record levels and he calls this success!

The B+ grade he arrogantly gives himself must be based on the largest curve in grading history! Obama has seriously damaged the future of this Nation for generations to come and he calls it a success. Then again I forgot who I am discussing here. A Marxist who believes that government is the only answer to everything. A man who does not believe in American exceptionalism and cannot fathom winning a war but only appeasing an enemy.

So with this in mind, then he has succeeded in doing exactly what he intended to do. Belittle America and destroy our economy so that we are forced to bow to other Nations while appeasing our enemies and forcing the American people to bow to an all powerful socialist government. So in actuality with this as his goal Barack Obama deserves an A+.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Ed Raby said...

I couldn't agree more Ken. I am very outraged by this ridiculous statement that Obama has made. This really bothers me. We need the Republicans in Congress to continue to stand strong against this health care bill, because if they get that passed then our country as we know it is done. The passing of nationalized health care will do nothing but lead to socialism, which is exactly what Obama wants.

12:12 PM, December 15, 2009  
Blogger Mike's America said...

Obama said he gets an A- if he succeeds in the socialist takeover of health care....

Yes, grading by his standards of succeeding in socialism would give him an A-.

10:27 AM, December 16, 2009  
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