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Sunday, December 13, 2009


"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States." Article II, Section 1 United States Constitution.

With this oath 44 men have before God and their fellow citizens proclaimed that they would uphold and defend the Constitution and the people of the United States of America as President. The prayer, "so help me God," is believed to have been added by George Washington and has been used as part of this solemn vow that Presidents have taken upon entering office.

Barack Hussein Obama took the is solemn oath on January 20, 2009. As with each of his predecessors he took the oath to become the leader of our Nation whose duty as that leader is to be the Constitutional voice for all Americans and as such also the protector of the country and the sacred traditions of freedom and liberty that have been the hallmark of America since its birth.

Obama has failed in every move he has made as President to perform his duty in preserving the Constitution and protecting and defending the people of our great land. As a result he has failed in his office and failed every citizen of this country who he has sworn to represent and protect. Some argue that it is too early to evaluate whether Obama is a successful or failed President. I disagree.

Upon taking the Oath of Office every President from that moment becomes a public person who no longer belongs to just themselves and their family but also to the American people and as such open to evaluation and praise or criticism each moment that they hold the highest office in the land. Sure as with every President there is a, "honeymoon," where the Chief Executive is given a grace period to allow him time to get his feet wet in the office. But that grace period is long over and Obama jumped into the fire in many respects faster than others which very well may have shortened that, "honeymoon."

Most Presidents allow for time to pass before proposing major legislation or making major policy sweeps which change the course of the country and the official view of the government. Obama did not. In fact he had only been in office one day when he made the first major policy shift which had tremendous ramifications for the Nation and the protection of the people. His announcement that he would close Guantanamo within one year changed the course of the way the government viewed terrorism.

It is obvious because of the political and logistical problems involved with closing Gitmo and the fact that no one wants the killers, Gitmo will not close by the original date of January 21, 2010. But this one policy change prompted the Obama administration to take terrorism from an act of war to becoming once again only a criminal offense and as such handled by the courts and lawyers rather than the military.

Which directly led to the decision to hold the trial of KSM and the four other 9/11 planners in New York in a civilian court rather than a military tribunal. This move directly endangers New York City, its citizens and the people of the country since the trial will become a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda as the, "defendants," will have the opportunity to plead their case against American before the world.

The Gitmo announcement also led to the failure to accept and recognize the Fort Hood murders as a terrorist act and the move by many to actually call the killer, Nidal Hasan a victim rather than the murdering terrorist that he is. It also gives Obama the deniability that his weak and disastrous approach to terrorism has resulted in the first attack on American soil since 9/11.

Obama endangered the American people financially with the, "stimulus," package pushed through so quickly that even those who voted for the disaster had no clue as to what it contained and the obviously disastrous results it has caused. Spending and our deficit went through the roof because of the package and other uncalled for spending by Obama which has increased unemployment to record levels, devalued the dollar which has weakened a struggling economy and hurt the pocket books of every citizen.

Confidence in our economy has never been as low as it is now both by citizens and the world. Obama does not seem to care that he bows literally to world leaders and has forced the American people by his actions to bow before other countries as we are no longer considered the financial leader of the world. This too is a major policy shift by Obama who views our Nation as a partner who should bend to the whims of other Nations rather than a leader who allies with Nations seeking their support in our causes and the advancement of freedom to oppressed people.

This shift by Obama creates an enslavement of the American people to ideas that are counter to our Nations best interests and our Constitution which clearly identifies the sovereignty of The United States. A sovereignty that Obama is all to willing to give up to become a global welfare agency shifting American wealth to other countries to promote an agenda whose very premise of Global Warming has been unintentionally debunked by the people who created the fraud in the first place. But by ignoring the facts Obama can push his appeasement policy and bow to the world.

His push for health care is nothing more that an unconstitutional move to control the American people. Every bill that is before the Congress does not solve the problem nor create reform but rather is designed to place the government over the health decisions of the people and force health care from the private sector to the disaster of government control. This one policy move by Obama directly effects every American and takes away our freedom to decide how we care for our families and ourselves.

I ask you, is this protecting and defending the Constitution ? The document which establishes freedom and liberty for Americans by insuring the right by law for the people to have the ability to govern our own lives in the manner we see fit without fear of oppression by an all powerful and overbearing government. Not at all, in fact Obama's every move has been to either usurp the Constitution or destroy the very foundational principles which establish our freedom.

Obama has failed every citizen of our country. He has failed to uphold any statement made in his Oath of Office. He has failed to represent the American people both here and overseas. He has failed to protect the Nation by his appeasement actions which have allowed Iran to become much more aggressive and Afghanistan to be a theater of war where our soldiers hands are tied by dangerous rules of engagement dictated by this administration and the addition of 30,000 troops will not change how they are not allowed to fight. Soldiers fight to win not appease and Obama does not understand this fact. Soldiers also strive for victory without signaling when they will leave BEFORE that victory is achieved.

308, 143, 149 citizens of this country are less safe under Barack Obama. 308,142,149 citizens are losing their freedom under Barack Obama. 308,143,149 citizens are facing a questionable future because of Barack Obama. So is Barack Obama a failed President? Absolutely, but more importantly than his failure are the results of that failure which have the future prosperity and the freedom and safety of the American people and our Nation hanging in the balance.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re: "This move directly endangers New York City, its citizens and the people of the country since the trial will become a recruiting tool for Al Qaeda as the, "defendants," will have the opportunity to plead their case against American before the world."

New York was always a target of Al Qaeda. Presumably Al Qaeda might like to hit New York during the trial instead of at some other, random, time. But this actually makes New York slightly safer, because it is easier to defend against an attack during a time that you know than over a long period of time.

Re: "will have the opportunity to plead their case against American before the world."

They would have had it at a military tribunal as well. These would not be closed trials. They would be open, and the press invited.

Here's the difference. In a criminal trial, we treat the Al Qaeda scum like the criminals that they are. We do not give the impression that they are members of a foreign military organization (which is the impression you get from a military trial). We treat criminal scum like criminal scum with an ordinary criminal trial. And, an ordinary criminal judge will have the chance to tell the scum; "I have seen murderers, and I have seen rapists, but I have never seen anyone as low as you."

9:31 PM, December 13, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing as always

2:05 AM, January 04, 2010  
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