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Sunday, November 29, 2009


Fellow patriots, we are at a crossroads for our country. While ideals of freedom and conservative values have been declining in our government for years, the recent months since Barack Obama took office have seen the direction of that decline escalate at an alarming rate and this week the battle for our freedom takes on more furor with the Senate debate on health care.

This furor comes mainly because of the anti-America leadership and agenda of Barack Obama. He claims he loves America but everything he says and does shows that he hates what America stands for and additionally hates Americans who want to remain free. His agenda promotes hatred for America because it steers this Nation away from the principles of American exceptionalism and liberty that have been the center piece of our land since the Founders first set the foundation of freedom in our Constitution.

Obama has expressed his hatred of America in speech after speech especially while in foreign lands and before world leaders. He has shown his disdain for our country by his actions and his policy which clearly prove his hatred of freedom and freedom loving Americans. Those who have taken a principled stand against his attacks upon our freedom are considered right wing terrorists and racist by his administration and by those who support what he is doing.

He shows greater concern for those who stand against and hate America than he does for those who love her and are willing to fight for her. He seeks Constitutional rights for the Islamic murderers who planned the attacks that killed thousands of Americans on 9/11, while demeaning the day in which we remember them by calling for the country to volunteer rather than remember.

He leaves our troops dangling at the end of a rope in Afghanistan while taking three months to decide what action to take in order to support the fight they are waging in defense of our Nation. And then will not make his decision known until he can get a staged PR platform at West Point in order to, "look," like a Commander in Chief.

He pushes for legislation that hurts business and forces job loss in order to give his liberal friends the socialist programs they have longed for for decades and calls it an economic stimulus. He rushes to force Cap and Trade legislation that will hurt every American and sign treaties that take aways American sovereignty to promote a junk science that has been proven a fraud. But his political agenda is more important than facts so he moves on as if the fraud does not exist.

Americans by the millions and a clear majority have expressed anger against his push for health care yet he ignores our voice and continues to force this destructive legislation which is about control and not reform. He appoints Czars whose executive authority is designed to usurp the Constitutional separation of powers and centralize that power under his control. Appointments whose background is as anti-American as the agenda of their boss.

He tells Americans and world leaders that we are arrogant because we believe in the greatness of our country and then bows to those leaders in abject humiliation of our Nation. Those who he has appointed to his cabinet praise Mao, Castro and Chavez as the great principles of freedom like free speech, a free press which scrutinizes government and it leaders are considered tactics used by Nazis and avenues for greed and increased revenue for the one news agency that dares to tell the truth about Obama and his people.

In his Constitutional Oath of Office taken on the day he was inaugurated Barack Obama promised to, "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution," yet his every move since taking that oath seeks to destroy every principle and law that is found in our foundational document of freedom and the rights of every citizen in this country. He once stated that the Constitution was nothing more than, "a series of negative liberties," and since taking office he has shown that he believes it is his destiny to correct this," flawed and outdated," document by destroying the liberties it provides for America and Americans.

Barack Obama is not alone in his hatred for America and Americans. He is joined by the Speaker of The House, the Senate Majority Leader and many who, "serve," in the Congress that seek along with their leader the destruction of our society and the control of each American through forced dependency on government. While many of those who hate America like Obama have been in elected office for years, it was not until the Obama Presidency that they have had an advocate with the power to push their hatred upon the American people and they have taken quick advantage of their advocate and his authority as the Nations Chief Executive.

I asked the question in the title of this post, "how can Obama lead America when he clearly hates America?" While he Constitutionally holds the elected office of leader of our Nation, we as Americans who love our Nation and believe in the true Constitutional principles in which Obama clearly disdains do not have to follow his leadership. The same Constitution which gives him his authority because of the results of an election gives us equal and in actuality more authority to stand against him BECAUSE of how he is using that authority to usurp and destroy the Constitution and our Nation.

It is our Constitutional responsibility as the people of this land to fight any authority who seeks to deny our freedom and destroy our country. It is our responsibility to speak out against him at every opportunity and to stand together as free Americans to prevent his agenda from damaging the country he so obviously hates. We may seem helpless and out numbered at times and feel that what we are saying and the stand for freedom we take is useless when those who have the authority refuse to listen.

I am sure that our Founders felt the same many times as they fought to give birth to our Nation but just as they did we must stand true and never falter in our fight and likewise just as they did we will prevail in our war against the tyranny of Obama and for the freedom of our people and our Nation. Our love for our country is stronger than his hatred. More and more Americans are standing with us with each passing day, many of whom voted for Obama, and we still have the Constitution and freedom on our side and we cannot lose. Thomas Jefferson once said, " All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent." Our voice will bring our victory!

Ken Taylor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A form of the word hate was used 12times in this blog. Since the word hate has 4 letters, we can divide 12 by 4 to get a quotient of 3. The number 3 is associated with the holy trinity of the Christian Church. The Christian church believes the doctorine "to love thy neighbor." So you see, all this hate building just defied your own value system a bit. With much love I say, have a nice day.

8:22 PM, December 09, 2009  
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