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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Roland Burris, Barack Obama's replacement in the Senate attempted to be poetic on the Senate floor with his politcal version of Twas The Night Before Christmas. So in light of the Burris joke of a poem, I am reposting my version which is the real truth about the Reid, Pelosi and Obama agenda!

An original poem based on Twas The Night Before Christmas

Twas just days before Christmas when all through the land, the people were angered and taking things in hand.

Obama and his cronies in DC were in charge, and spending us bankrupt with deficits to large.

Pelosi with health care and Reid's Cap and Trade, making the ground work for socialism's path quickly laid.

Unemployment so high that it makes one's head spin, yet Obama and clan look to tax again and again.

When what began stirring in our land of the free, but conservatism proclaimed so the people could see.

Sarah Palin goes rogue in her book by the millions, and Glenn Beck yelling daily about Obama spending trillions.

Rush Limbaugh and Hannity six hours everyday, are leading the charge and showing the way.

So the lefties start yelling that conservatives are Nazis, and Obama tells the world that Americans are softies.

But the people don't buy into the liberal lie, and e-mail and protest at Tea Parties by and by.

They gather in cities and towns across the land, saying, " we won't stand still for this crap from Obama and clan."

Yet Obama continues with his fake, "hope and change," despite loud voices speaking against the deranged.

Libs all act deaf to the cry from the people, since their leader is nothing but a Karl Marx disciple.

But we the people still have a Constitution that gives us the power, and a fresh freedom fusion everyday and every hour.

The lefties may think that they can force us to bow, but Americans are free and this is our vow.

We will not stand by an watch them destroy, our land and our freedom with their socialist ploy.

We will not become just mind numb dependents, on government and spending run rampant unended.

Americans have always loved liberty and freedom you see, and we take our lives seriously in the land of the free.

So Obama and Nancy and Harry may still think, that they are in charge and that capitalism stinks.

But the people are still the greatness of our land, and we're standing firm and taking our stand.

No Marxist or socialist will force us to bend, even if they are elected and tell us they're our friend.

The President and Congress still answer to us all, and that my friend is the key to their great fall.

They may ignore us and call us all manner of names, but in the end we will be the victor of this political game.

So Merry Christmas to all you libs who work near the Potomac, your actions have made us all sick to our stomach.

And we tell you each one that we're calling for your end, for we are rising en mass to take you out in two thousand and ten!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

Good job. It would be funny if it weren't so sadly true.

4:22 PM, December 06, 2009  
Blogger Tom said...

Nice, and to the point.

7:32 AM, December 23, 2009  
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