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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


On May 26th Barack Obama is heading to a star studded event in Las Vegas, Nevada which will include show girls to raise funds for the re-election bid for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Reid is already facing an uphill climb for his campaign to return to the Senate in 2010 which sparked the trip by Obama and the fund raiser for Reid.

Usually when the President makes a trip to any particular state it is also customary to meet with the Governor of the state even if the Governor does not request the meeting. But not only is Obama not meeting with Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons who is a Republican but he has denied a specific request for a meeting while in Governor Gibbons state.

The controversy stems from comments made by Obama earlier this year in which he scolded corporate executives whose companies were receiving bailout money. Obama stated to the executives, "you can't get corporate jets. You can't go take a trip to Las Vegas or go down to the Super Bowl on the taxpayer's dime."

According to Governor Gibbons, since Obama's statement 400 scheduled conventions have been cancelled costing Las Vegas the loss of over 118, 000 guests and 250, 000 room nights and a revenue loss over $100 million dollars. This does not include gaming revenue in the capital of gambling.

Governor Gibbons has been very critical for justifiable reasons concerning Obama's statement which most saw as a direct insult to Las Vegas and a warning to corporate types to stay away from Las Vegas for corporate meetings and conventions. With the number of cancellations that have taken place since Obama's statement, it would seem that many have taken the statement seriously.

Gibbons has sought a retraction of the statement from Obama since it was first made and requested the meeting with him while in Nevada to discuss the situation and ask Obama what he planned to do to repair the damage that has been done to Las Vegas tourism. But Obama denied Gibbons meeting request even though he would be making a special trip to Las Vegas raising campaign funds for Harry Reid.

Obama is all to willing to take money from Nevada to assist Reid in his re-election bid but does not seem to be interested in assisting the state and especially Las Vegas whose tourism has dropped off because of corporate cancellations which seem to have a direct relation to Obama's statement. Once again whether the lions share of the blame belongs to Obama or not, he as President should at least show enough concern to meet with the Governor not only as a courtesy but to discuss the problem.

This is the man who campaigned as a compassionate Democrat concerned about the well being of all Americans and whose theme was hope and change. It would seem that he is hoping that the people of Nevada forget that he has brought negative change to the tourism industry by insulting Las Vegas and that they are more willing to fork over money to prevent a change in leadership in the Senate if Harry Reid were to lose in 2010. Politics to Obama are more important than the people of Nevada.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Gayle said...

Also, Obama is more important to Obama than even politics!

Obama wastes so much money on foolish things, for example the picture he had to have of Airforce One and the Statue of Liberty. What a hypocrite he is to be talking about wasting taxpayer's money! Is he going to use his own money to fly to Las Vegas? Ha! I detest hypocrites!

10:16 AM, May 19, 2009  
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