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Saturday, May 30, 2009


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Blogger AI said...

All the best with blog talk radio ... the "continuing op-ed" by two well-informed Reagan conservatives!

Or as Obama camp members would say, "negative", "rascist", "hate-filled" conservatives...

Oliver offered a great suggestion for Obama's participating in the Olympic sqaud... Pole vaulting where Barack would clinch the Gold for flip

McCain is coming along well but is still slightly behind the vaulter in the polls:

Steven Warshawsky in writing at Real Clear Politics gives obama little chance of winning in November... concluding that "[t]he pundits can talk until they are blue in the face about Obama's charisma and eloquence and cross-racial appeal. The fact of the matter is that Obama has no chance of being elected president in 2008." I am more convinced of this conclusion than ever.


Great work guys
~Otto American Interests

9:27 PM, August 11, 2008  
Blogger Gayle said...

I will do my utmost to be here tomorrow morning, Ken.

I have a new video by Miradena up. She's really doing a good job showing the Obama fiasco. :)

12:42 PM, August 15, 2008  
Blogger Gayle said...

Thanks for having me on the show, Ken and Oliver. That was fun!

What you said about the Olympics being held in China made me feel a lot better about it, Ken. I'll work a post up about your show and the point you made concerning the Olympics as soon as I can. It will either be up on Sunday or Monday. Thanks again! :)

Send an e-mail sometime today (Saturday) if you can, and tell me in your own words the points you made regarding the Olympics. I would much rather use your words than have to write "Ken said...". For one thing, I can't remember your exact words, although I do get the point.

Blessings to you both!

11:23 AM, August 16, 2008  
Blogger Gayle said...

Sorry, Ken. I couldn't make it on Saturday and still haven't been able to manage the time to listen. Life is interfering! Dang! :(

10:12 AM, August 25, 2008  
Blogger Jenn of the Jungle said...

Hey I forgot to stop by and say welcome to the wonderful world of BTR.

3:11 PM, September 03, 2008  
Blogger MDConservative said...

Been loving your show and getting people to listen. A lot of us have informative things but kind of kick it around a bit.

But you guys have one of the most "professional" well flowing shows! Always catch it.

4:49 PM, September 12, 2008  
Blogger Gayle said...

I wanted to join in on this and got confused with the time zones. Dang! I keep forgetting that you are an hour earlier than I am, so you're already over for today, but I'm listening to you now and couldn't agree with you more. I have the exact same take on it that you do!

Incidently, I just bought more stock. Some people may think that's stupid, but I'm in it for the long haul and right now it's cheap. :)

3:25 PM, September 30, 2008  
Blogger Gayle said...

I will be here, Ken. There's something I want to get out regarding this mess!

10:12 AM, October 04, 2008  
Anonymous iacoba said...

Lies are the new 'red tie' for those in power. I am sick of having to hear the freethinking illuminati blast everyone and everything that doesn't fit their agenda. Freedom use to mean something and with all the blood shed in the name of "freedom" I can only hope it still have a depth of value-we are going to need it!

3:31 PM, October 15, 2008  
Blogger Greywolfe said...

This is a wonderful site! Very original and informative. The radio program is a very nice idea. This is what I've been talking about on conservative convictions about organizing alternative news/information outlets. I'll be linking you to my site and definately be following along.

5:26 PM, November 24, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ken, I'm streaming your radio show right now on my computer and it's great! Keep up the good work.

Christopher Hamilton
The Right Opinion, for the Right Wing

11:41 AM, December 06, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and yours and please be safe MY Friend

1:48 PM, December 31, 2008  
Blogger Bryan Clifford said...

Hi from Vancouver BC Canada,

In that American politics in general is now an international academic joke among adults with iQs over 100 (average/normal), perhaps it will be fun to watch The USA become, once again, a function of 'Great?' Britain and the comic British Empire as Presidents and others in public (funded) office get dumber and dumber, elected by increasingly socially and otherwise illiterate populations of other adult aged children?

This is, however, a wonderful looking blog I'm envious of in terms my pathetic efforts to make fun of the world's rich and famous, i.e. wealthy and obviously emotionally disturbed at -> <-

I was, for the first time, reading The Minority Report after putting 'economic joke' into Google and noticed references to Capitol Gains?

In Canada it's Capital Gains.

Thus this comment...and, may the force be with you.


Bryan Clifford Bs D (Oxford)

7:36 PM, January 22, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need George Bush back in office. Life was great with him. A struggling economy, a pointless war( I know I was there twice), and high gas prices. All hail the Republicans!

12:38 AM, February 16, 2009  
Blogger Concerned Citizen said...

Anonymous poster = COWARD.

Oh and by the way, Bush had one of the best economies in recent history. In August 2007 the Stock Market was posting record numbers near 13,000. unemployment was at a national average of 4.8%, GDP and Federal Revenues were up and jobs were STILL being created.

Then the disastrous Democrat policies of nearly a decade earlier caught up with us and sent us into a tail spin. Now that you messiah is in office, the DOW takes a dive every time he or one of his advisers even speaks of fiscal policy.

Know the facts before you run your mouth. We don't accept that weak crap here.

1:57 AM, March 04, 2009  
Blogger Bryan Clifford said...

Hi from Vancouver BC,

I just got an email on my laptop, I don't use much, and has addresses unique to some more obscure concerns of mine, like The USA:

" Anonymous poster = COWARD.

Oh and by the way, Bush had one of the best economies in recent history. In August 2007 the Stock Market was posting record numbers near 13,000. unemployment was at a national average of 4.8%, GDP and Federal Revenues were up and jobs were STILL being created.

Then the disastrous Democrat policies of nearly a decade earlier caught up with us and sent us into a tail spin. Now that you messiah is in office, the DOW takes a dive every time he or one of his advisers even speaks of fiscal policy.

Know the facts before you run your mouth. We don't accept that weak crap here." blah blah blah

This sort of comment may betray how the very very average American intellectual juvenile 'thinks?' in 2009 about complicated stuff like global economies and perhaps even world trade, for 6+ billion people in 200+ countries today to share the new, and bizarre, American Dream, i.e. everyone living like American movie and TV stars, American politicians, lottery winners and other geniuses do?

However, as I'm sure y'all know, liberals/democrats today are, generally, merely future conservatives who, after they get what they want, try to conserve it?

Personally I'm looking for a rich blond woman with an high iQ in that regard?


Bryan Clifford BsD (Oxford) PhD (UCLA)and, more important to this comment, grade 7 honors grad 50 years ago

6:46 PM, March 04, 2009  
Blogger Prof. Israel Lima said...

Hello my friend,

visit my blog:

Pelo Corredor da Escola

6:15 PM, March 07, 2009  
Blogger Concerned Citizen said...

Hey, Bryan,

Well, lets see. The comment was directed to the one above it and sorry for your struggling intelligence but the economic indicators don't lie. In August of 2007 the American economy was roaring. At this time last year, even though it had started to slow some, it was still posting strong, healthy economic indicators (you know the ones Democrats want to focus on to day and blame Bush for).

For starters, a President has so little to do with the price of fuel that it is laughable. The only times that one has ever seriously had any effect on fuel was when Carter made his idiotic attempt at price fixes which dried up the American fuel supply causing massive gas lines.

Also, the morons who claim that this was all caused by failed Bush economic policies need to educate themselves on who put the policies in place to expand Fannie Mae and Freddie Macs portfolios to allow the repackaging and sale of mortgages backed securities, creating a artificial influx of capital into the housing industry creating the bubble that caused this crisis in the first place. The also need to look at who was screaming for regulation and control of the government industries as early as 2002 and who fought that reform claiming that there was nothing wrong.

Finally, do not be pretentious enough to assume that we do not realize that this is a global economy. That is why we reject the reckless practices, failed interventions and massive spending of this government that has caused and worsened this crisis over the last two years, but especially the last two months. Do not assume that we do not realize that Bush lost his mind when a financial problem reared its head and failed to address it properly when he admitted that he "... had to abandon his free market principles to save the free market."

We are not party line cronies that drink whatever Kool-Aid is handed to us. We know full well the implications our economic system can have world wide, that is why we reject fiscally dangerous policies such as we have seen in the last 90-days that have historically proven to be ineffective and worsen the economic stresses. We are students of history and when we see our leaders ignoring the past failures of Keynesian economics and embracing their destructive practices, we cry out.

2:08 PM, March 09, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I get bored I google to sites like this one and laugh at all the bitter conservative bLogs.
Listen, Reagan is dead & dust like his conservative values. For eight years "W" & cronies raped this country and killed and tortured thousands worldwide. People like those who run this bLog supported "W" and his treason and other crimes.
Because of true patriots like Barack Obama the USA may return to a status it deserves in the global community and our land may heal.
If you don' t like Obama and our other elected liberal, patriotic leaders, you should leave the United States and get out of ther way of progress. Problem is I don' t know any place on earth that would accept you.


6:36 PM, March 09, 2009  
Blogger Concerned Citizen said...

Again I stand by my earlier statement...

Anon = Coward.

The above is to moronic to even respond to. Scares the hell out of me though to think that there are people so feeble minded and weak willed as to follow this man into the abyss.

12:47 AM, March 10, 2009  
Blogger Most Rev. Gregori said...

Ken, from some of the email I been receiving lately, I believe that there is a revolution coming. I believe it will be a real full blown revolution. Not to overthrow our Constitutional government, but to overthrow the treasonous individuals running the government.

If it happens, the folks in Washington,DC will only have themselves to blame and the bloodshed will be on their hands.

9:17 PM, March 10, 2009  
Anonymous Dennis said...

Anonymous, what specifically did Bush do that was treasonous and how, specifically, did he kill and torture thousands? What other crimes besides treason did he commit? Please give us the specifics because if he is guilty of these crimes, as you allege, he should be indicted.Also, what is the status of the US in the world now vs. the status you say it deserves? Is there a weekly poll of the top 25 world countries similar to the AP and Coaches polls for college football? If so, please let me know where to find the poll.

6:51 AM, March 16, 2009  
Blogger Bryan Clifford said...

Hi from Vancouver BC -> Earth?,

While "Liberal (Democrat) Lie vs Conservative (Republican) Truth" and the simple minded yin/yang, either/or dialog among genius Americans continues to entertain sane people I'm sure, I'm, here, with this comment, renouncing my American birthright, The American Dream, and becoming a Canadian-Canadian toward The Canadian Dream:

1. adequate food, clothing and shelter, especially in winter, for all Americans

2. adequate medical care for those who don't choose to be mentally or physically ill, for all Americans

3. a proper grade 7 or better (higher...advanced?) public funded education for all Americans before anyone can drive a car, occupy public (funded) office or enjoy government (funded) jobs and/or be President of The USA, become a teacher of anything, medical doctor, jurist or journalist in The USA.

4. sharing a laugh at comic SUPERpowers and cartoon empires in 2009 led by psychotics, by their own definitions, both liberal and conservative, suffering from weird juvenile world visions and bizarre global (once flat?) thinking, they say, that's been an international academic joke for centuries among sane Adult scholars, intellectuals and philosophers with iQs over 100 (average/normal) required to read this far.

Or, are all 350 million Americans today insane, or just American bloggers?


Bryan Clifford BsD (Oxford), and grade 7 honors graduate 55 years ago

12:23 PM, March 16, 2009  
Blogger Teresa said...

I am from PA and I believe Sen. Arlen Specter is nothing more than a political opportunist. He has proven that he is spineless and doesn't stand up for the principles that the Republican Party ascribes to so Good Riddance to him. I will support a true conservative, Pat Toomey.

9:16 AM, April 29, 2009  
Anonymous bugboy said...

If you agree with what I'm about to say, you have my permission to reprint it.. Because it's going to be a beautie.

What I’m going to say is just like the asswipes on the liberal blogs said, and call for the Impeachment of the sitting President, who we all can see now is an idiot. Lets run down his idiot-ness (is that a word?) and see how well he’s done in his first 100 days in office…

The Europeans, who were all lining up to take turns kissing up to the Messiah sucking up to him like a vintage Hoover vacuum cleaner have had an epiphany, and now are convinced that he’s an utter moron who doesn’t know his ass from his elbow about economics, foreign policy, domestic policy, etc, etc, etc, and is also completely clueless on how to properly treat a visiting head of state or foreign dignitary with the decorum that the position deserves. Us conservatives pointed out that he was a complete bumbling idiot, but the liberals wouldn’t listen, and accused us conservatives of trying to *steal* the election by scaring the world into thinking that he would ruin their economies. I guess we were right, but its rather a moot point, because the idiot got elected.
He has spent more, in the first 100 days of the presidency, than all of the other presidents COMBINED have spent in their first FULL YEAR in office. That’s impressive, only because we were told that it would be impossible to spend that much money in that short of a period because it would bankrupt the country, so all of us conservatives were told that we were just *being alarmists* and trying to win an election with our own moron by scaring the beJesus out of the population in order to *steal* the election from the Messiah. I guess we were right, but its rather a moot point, because the idiot got elected.
We conservatives pointed out that he couldn’t cobble together a coherent sentence on his own without the help of a staff of writers, and Teleprompters placed in a grid-like pattern in a radius of 50 feet, spaced two feet apart in any direction form the next available Teleprompter, so as to make sure the idiot wouldn’t stumble over the words, or forget his place. And even with all that, the idiot *lost* his place on the scrolling Teleprompter, and just babbled for 5 minutes while the staff tried to scroll the text back so that he could stop making an idiot of himself. Again, I guess we were right, but its rather a moot point, because the idiot got elected. Pretty impressive isn’t it!
He wouldn’t know an un-corrupt politician if said politician dropped to his knees and bowed to him... . His is the first presidency in history where the amount of overall appointments is running neck and neck with the amount of tax cheats he’s appointed. Us conservatives pointed out that OBambi was nothing more than a corrupt Chicago asswipe. I guess we were right, but its rather a moot point, because the idiot got elected.
We pointed out that he’s a gun-grabber, and he even turned the spotlight onto himself with the *clinging to religion and guns* statement he made, but the panty-wetters at the Brady Outhouse to Prevent you from Exercising your Second Amendment Right got their titty-nipples tied into knots and claimed that we were trying to scare the law-abiding citizens into not voting for him, in effect trying to steal the election by spreading false and vicious rumors. I guess we were right, but its rather a moot point, because the idiot got elected.

The list of stuff goes on, but I’m not going to bore the readership with the more mundane things that prove, beyond a doubt, that he’s a complete bozo, and an idiot who couldn’t find his behind with both hands and a map, a moron who demeans the office of the Presidency by going on late-night talk shows and yucks it up, laughing as he talks about how much money he’s going to be spending in order to *fix* the broken government that he *inherited*

And you Libs thought Bush was stupid? This guy is infantile. He’s way out of his league, and he may very well be impeached after the 2010 election by the wave of conservatives that will no doubt be swept into office.

And another thing... Shut the Mexico Border down. What is the deal?? Are we trying to spread this illness faster than wildfire?? You know the Mexican people are fleeing their country and running into ours! But Prez says, Duh!

11:36 AM, May 04, 2009  
Blogger Bryan Clifford said...

Hi from Vancouver BC,

Well, I guess?, y'all should stick with the input of bugboy and anonymous, obvious geniuses and. like, embarrass Republicans internationally with juvenile obviously illiterate drivel, if, that is, anyone was reading this blog and taking it seriously , like I do?


A Bryan Clifford BsD (Oxford)

MI7 very secret agent 604 346-double Zero Ten (cell) aka Jane Blond, but ask for King Arthur

1:53 PM, May 09, 2009  
Blogger Northwest Minuteman said...

Great blog!! Another one you might enjoy:

11:52 PM, June 05, 2009  
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