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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


House Majority leader Tom DeLay (R) Tx, was indicted today on a felony charge of conspiring with two Texas state legislators in a campaign financing scheme. That is at least how the liberal media, (who have been swarming on this story all day like bees on honey), have reported the Grand Jury indictment as it was handed down today. Now my question is how many on the left including House Minority Leader Nancy Polosi and other Democrat, "leaders," have actually read the indictment, (click on this post's title to read the three page indictment). Texas prosecutor Ronnie Earle has been attempting to charge DeLay with," something," in a witch hunt that has lasted for the last ten years and has made a career of indicating Texas Republican office holders including Texas Senator Kay Bailey Huchinson. To date all of the indictments that this partisan Democratic prosecutor has issued in this political witch hunt have been thrown out and NEVER come to trial. In the indictment several state legislators are mentioned and specific charges are stated for each yet DeLay who is the most prominent in the order is only mentioned ONCE without specific charges and only as an, "intentional conspirator," in a scheme to more or less launder campaign donations to bypass a law in Texas that does not allow corporate donations in the final 60 days before an election. I am not the most savvy individual when it comes to the full legalize of the law but have noticed that when a conspiracy charge is filed that two things exist on the part of the prosecutor. One, no real evidence exists and two, conspiracy is nearly impossible to prove, which helps in legitimizing the idea that this is a political witch hunt against Tom DeLay. Never the less the libs are rejoicing today because in accordance with House rules DeLay had to step down from his leadership position until this is settled, which is what the Dems have wanted all along for DeLay is a powerful leader and has been VERY successful in pushing the conservative agenda through the House. This is once again a case of the seriousness of the charge syndrome that rules the Democrats in Congress. Unfortunately this time it has at least momentarily succeeded in reaching into the leadership of the Republican Party leaving a wound that the press and the Dems will continue to bleed for the near future!

Ken Taylor

Read the story and DeLay's reaction ( )


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