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Tuesday, September 27, 2005


I realize that this is yesterday's news and I purposely did not post anything about it when it happened because I am tired of this woman's exploitation of her son and her ridiculous lies and intentional exaggerations concerning the President and the war and the continual talk about her adds credibility in some circles. Yet as I listened to talk radio and the news services the realization that she is still a story demanded that I make at least a small comment. First no one deserves arrest more than Cindy Sheehan. Her anti - American rhetoric is an act of sedition for she undermines the war and insults the brave service of our troops as well as boosting the enemy by calling these sadistic murderers, "freedom fighters." Second, maybe now that she has spent time in the slammer this lunatic will realize that her son deserves more than being paraded around the country as a symbol of everything that he was against and the sacrifice of his life helped to pay the price of the liberties that Sheehan attempts to degrade and degenerate by her actions and her disgusting mouth. I doubt that her arrest will shut her up, but maybe, just maybe the press will stop following her like she is royalty and we won't have to hear the shrill of her insulting attitude again!

Ken Taylor


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