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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I have taken a break from the madness of the post election fall out not because I have lost interest or given up the fight but because I was and am still sick of listening to pundits, commentators and even many who claim to be conservatives that America has shifted to the left and the only way to win an election is to become the very thing we have fought to defeat, a liberal or at best Democrat light.

Call me an eternal optimist or an idiot but I refuse to accept or believe that my country is now a left wing freeloading mob that no longer believes in real freedom and that government is the answer to any and everything.  I refuse to believe that the majority of Americans are now enslaved to a government and refuse to be nothing more than a freeloading mob on the take for whatever they can get.

I am not referring to those who actually need medicare, SSI or accept Veterans benefits, but those who have CHOSEN to become freeloaders and live off the government because it is there and available. They will never understand freedom because they have chosen to be slaves to the government and they come from all ethnic backgrounds.

The real America and true America and the majority still believe in freedom, free enterprise, freedom of expression and the freedom to stand on our own using the God given freedom and abilities to become who those abilities can make us.  We still make up the vast majority who understand that true freedom and liberty comes from God not given by a government and living in that freedom means becoming our own person making our own way and providing for those we love in an honest and hard working manner.

That is the real America and my America is bigger than a Barack Obama or a minority of freeloaders who are enslaved to the government pigsty. My America is worth fighting for and loving as well and living in because in it freedom rings and will prevail.  And yes my friends our America will prevail because it has been bought with the price of blood from millions who sacrificed to pay the price of freedom.

Our America will prevail because it is the land of our forefathers and the heritage they passed down to us is that which we will fight to preserves so we can pass it to our own children and grandchildren. Because that is who we are as Americans. We are the land of the free and home of the brave and will prevail because God gives us our freedoms and our Constitution protects those freedoms for all to embrace.  This is our land, our heritage and our American. May God bless her and may our flag always wave FREE!

Ken Taylor


Blogger Mike's America said...

You're right Ken. The country did NOT suddenly turn left.

Obama won because his campaign spent more time and resources in maximizing his vote share among his core supporters in key states.

That's all there is to it.

Had Romney wasted less money on television ads and spent the money instead of driving people to early voting stations we could have found the few hundred thousand votes necessary to win enough key battleground states.

But the campaign consultants on our side, many of the same who advised McCain, making big bucks producing TV ads I guess there was less incentive to do the gritty work of driving senior citizens to vote.

I say that every campaign consultant who worked on Romney's campaign should be forced to go door to door in Ohio in 2016 and drive seniors to the polls!

11:37 AM, November 28, 2012  

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