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Friday, November 18, 2011


This is not just protest or the exercise of free speech as it is being portrayed by much of the media. Occupy Wall Street and it's counter parts in several cities is quickly becoming a disgusting display of people proving just how disgusting they can be. Whether one is from the right or the left this should sicken anyone.

Sickness and disease is running rampant. Crime reigns in almost every camp with one having to actually erect a tent as a haven to protect women from being raped. Theft is rampant and businesses in the areas around the encampments are going bankrupt because of the loss of customers and these businesses are NOT the corporate entities that this supposed protest is complaining about.

Reports of suspicious deaths, massive injuries of the occupants and police who are just doing their job and trying to quell a public nuisance have become common place. Those who have been in New York City now are marching in the streets with the goal of disrupting everyday New Yorkers from going to work and home while making threats to blow up buildings and kill New Yorkers in the process.

In San Diego during a Occupy rally the participants held a moment of silence in solidarity for the man charged with attempting to assassinate the President who shot at The White House hitting the window of the private quarters. In Chicago, Bill Ayers who as a member of the Weatherman bombed the Pentagon, San Francisco Police Headquarters and other high profile locations is instructing Occupy members to, "protest," as he did.

Rudy Giuliani former Mayor of New York City states this disgusting display of lack of humanity belongs to Barack Obama resulting from his vilifying the wealthy and openly supporting the movement. Many others on the left have followed Obama's example in supporting this but not ONCE condemning the disgusting displays, criminal activity, deaths, injuries, rapes and health problems associated with the groups.

Any cedibility they may have had disappeared with the first defecation in the street, rape, murder and lack of any type of hygiene among the occupiers. They have shown themselves to be the low life of society who seek to blame others for their woes. While there may have been a scattered few with a possible legitimate complaint at the beginning of this loon fest, the true nature of its disgusting display has eliminated anything they may have been trying to accomplish.

Newt Gingrich made a great statement in the last GOP debate which says volumes about the occupiers seeking to destroy Capitalism and showing little humanity in the process. Referring to the press and their biased coverage of the occupiers when he stated, "I have yet to hear a single reporter ask a single occupier, who's going to pay for the park you're occupying if no business is allowed to make a profit." It is long past time for this disgusting display of the worst of humanity to end!

Ken Taylor


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